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Thread: How good are onesies?

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    Default How good are onesies?

    I am thinking of getting a onesie, but not sure how great they are. I already have a footed pajamma from target which is awesome Anybody have thoughts?

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    I love them. They cover less of you - just your torso and the tops of your arms - but they are very comfortable, and having the press-studs to prevent baby from playing around with his nappy is one of the defining things of AB for me.

    Not sure where you'll get them, but there's a number of good ones available this side of the Atlantic.



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    I love onesies. They help hold diapers in place and keep curious and errant fingers out of them. They're pretty much essential with cloth diapers, as well, as cloth especially tends to sag once wet. You can get onesies with really cute designs too. When it's warm, you can play in just a diaper and onesie, and it feels super awesome and childish.

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    I have two onesies...I love them! They cover the diaper nicely and make you feel so nicely babyish. Pair one up with a pair of booties and you're good to go.

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    I made a onesie out of a graphic t and I loves it soo much... I usually sleep in it with a diaper underneith. It's really comfy and I loves it lots and lots!!

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    Your mileage may vary, but many find them, in layman's terms, fricken' awesome. And, hey, chicks dig 'em. I personally think that they go wonderful with the baggy gangsta pants that kids wear nowadays. "Can't see my undergarments? Ha, that's 'cause I'm wearing a onesie." It would look silly, but, hey, teenage boys are rocking shirts with Elmo and Cookie Monster on them and carrying around Dora the Explorer backpacks; Why not kick it up a notch? Plus... onseis go excellently with waistcoats. (Or a sportcoat, trendy scarf, and Chuck Taylors for the AB Hipster look.)

    Okay, my weirdness aside, you'll probably like them. Most AB's do, but you'll never know unless you get one!

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    I actually just made a home-made version this week...I like it but my mistake was to not let the 'back' side long enough...
    The snap pieces are just about equal length and so it makes it tough to snap right directly between the legs.

    I made it using 2 old t-shirts that were the same; sewed the bottoms together to gain length; cut off the sleeves/collars of one shirt and then cut out the leg holes etc.
    I then did a quick seam around the edges so it was finished and put in a bit of elastic around the sides.
    Then the snaps and voila! just an hour later I was up and running.

    Might try round two next week or something.

    ---------- Post added at 10:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:44 AM ----------

    Maybe I'll add a picture here if I can get a free moment to photograph my workmanship...

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    I find them very comfortable especially for sleeping in when its warmer out since they leave a lot of exposed skin. I will sometimes wear a plain white one under my shirt/pants when I am wearing a diaper and want to make sure it doesn't get exposed above the waistline. They are very useful in that regard.

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    Hilarious! This was the last thread I read last night before going to bed (it had no replies, yet), and I dreamt that I was in a pink onesie from Privatina. I won't elaborate on what the dream was about *ahem*, but I know now that I need to quit thinking about the delicious clothing at that store. However, wearing it was soooo amazing (in my dream).

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