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Thread: Hiya! Im new!

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    Smile Hiya! Im new!

    I thought I already posted an intro. But I guess not. Anywho. Im Cassie, im a TB/DL. I have yet to actually get diapers Im really crazy and I like acting like a little girl! I believe I am 2 years old at heart <333

    talk to me!


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    Hello purplellamarider and welcome to ADISC. Now is that North, Central or South America? Maybe what you thought was your introduction was posted somewhere else in the Forums. Anyway no matter. I have found this to be a very friendly site, but we do like to see a little more information about any hobbies or interests that, that you may have in life outside this special life style we share. I think that it is kind of sweet when my 40 (something) year old woman goes crazy and acts like a little girl, (females can get away with it more than men can). I am 53, from Newcastle Australia; two of my main interests are science and astronomy. I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Hey there, welcome to the site! Crazy is a good thing around here (not just because I think it is >.>....). But besides acting little, and being a tbdl (any relation there? :P) what are your other interests and hobbies?

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