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Thread: Saying bye bye to diapers for a short time

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    Red face Saying bye bye to diapers for a short time

    hey everyone.

    Im just lettin everyone know that i prolly wont be on here to much for awhile and that im for the moment giveing up diapers and the like. I gotta wear my big boy pants for awhile.

    Im currently going through a custody battle with my ex to see who gets my daughter the majority of the time and its proveing to be quite taxxing. also i finaly broke down and decided to move out of my place and move in with my brother which is why i wont be enjoying the *BDL "lifestyle" for a bit. Ill still be on here occasionally but im gonna try to differ from it as much as possible to try and keep my head a little more on target.

    Im hopeing to be moveing into a new house in april of 2011 im just waiting for the owner to finally settle on a price and get the papers ready. i know waiting almost 5 months for a house is a little weird but its a freakin nice house and she wont be moveing out tell febuary. It does give me time to get everything in order though so i cant complain.

    oh by the way this is not a purge im just trying to get my adult life figured out and once i do that ill be back.

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    Good luck with your custody battle. Don't be afraid to look for support, any court procedure is stressful, but fighting for custody is pretty high on the list.

    I have to say, being in your position at 21 has to be rough. I honestly don't know how I would cope in your position, but you seem to be taking good decisions (looking for a new place, focusing on the custody battle as much as possible).

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    Good luck, I hope things work out for you

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