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Thread: What do you aspire to in 2011?

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    Default What do you aspire to in 2011?

    Personally, I'm hoping to move to a new place, and possibly get a new job, in 2011.
    I also hope for more free time to spend with my friends, as that'd make a big difference to my life as well.

    What about you all?

    What are you most hoping for in 2011?

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    I'm going to get my act together so I can graduate from college, and maybe finally moved out of my parents' house.

    Also, I'm hoping to finally finish the several songs I've been writing and trying to get my name on the public scene

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    Movin out of my parents' house before I turned 21, getting a new job near the new place, & going back to college for music production.

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    get a job, meet some people, and do better in school (did really bad this semester )

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    In 2011 I aspire to find the job I've studied for. I've got everything to be a logistics manager but right now I'm just a fork lift truck driver.

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    Finish high school, move out of my parents house, get a job/go to college/both

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    Get a new real job with benefits, save money, get my damn infected finger paid off(ER Bills, DR Bills,etc)
    get my damn car fixed, buy a new gun or 2, buy some new diapers-bambinos,attends, and some new pacifiers,get out and do stuff this summer

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    Finish college, or maybe head out a term early... who knows? Either way, by April 2011, I've got no real plans between then and whenever it is I die, so I hope to be somewhere new. Somewhere I can be helpful to someone doing something. Been though school, a bit of college, time to go out and do something the world could use... who know's what? Be a better dude in general. Say nicer things to people. Smile lots. Hang out with Jesus more. Find some rad new music to listen to. Teach somebody something and learn something from somebody else or even the same person that got teach'd earlier in the sentence. Get a little older. Get a little more wiser as a result of some productive mistakes. Explore. Expand. Extraploate. Experience. Ex... ex... excalibur. Yeah, totally excalibur.

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    Finish colledge and get good result and after that go for millitary hopefully to get good friend in millitary.

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