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Thread: Most awesome comic strip ever

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    Default Most awesome comic strip ever

    Does anyone remember Calvin and Hobbes? Six year old kid goes on adventures with his stuffed tiger, except the tiger is alive, and only calvin can see that?

    Reading those stories just makes me want to hug my stuffed animal! (Not a tiger).

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    Yep, have the full collection, and an app on my phone to read em on the go.
    It's a cute look in to the world of a kid, although he isn't too innocent :P

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    Bloom County.

    I actually wept when that one came to an end. Greatest frickin' comic strip ever.

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    I've got a few Calvin and Hobbes books laying around. I love C+H. I've spent quite a few days with my girlfriend under the tree in front of her house, reading C+H. Damn, those were beautiful days with a beautiful girl, with beautiful literature. Bless Bill Waterson's soul...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBDaddy View Post
    Bloom County.

    I actually wept when that one came to an end. Greatest frickin' comic strip ever.
    Amen, brother

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    My favorite right now is Achewood. Though I've just downloaded a coupla hundred zillion pages of Beanworld, suggested to me by Mr. Tea, so we'll have to see how that changes.

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    Calvin and Hobbes was and still is brilliant! On the side window of my car, I actually have a decal of Calvin and Hobbes sledding down a hill in a box!

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    What about webcomics, though? XKCD, Cyanide and Happiness, and Men in Hats all deserve a little praise.

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    LOVE Calvin and Hobbes I do have one of their books (just strips from past newspapers put 2-3 to a page, for about 60 pages!) Definitely my favorite comic in the paper.

    As for webcomics, I love Nataliee Dee, XKCD (want their book so bad!), Cyanide and Happiness, and Girls With Slingshots (even though I haven't read it for a year, lost my place, and plan on starting over ^_^ )

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