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    Default Hi there.

    I'm a bit nervous posting here, actually. I've just recently started checking out things and I found this forum and it seemed to be a very friendly place.

    I'm more interested in regression than anything else. I've always been kind of jealous that babies/toddlers/little kids seem to get all of the cool/cute stuff. I'm not sure if wanting stuff like that makes me an AB or not, but I do get a lot of enjoyment when I find something like footed PJs or such in adult sizes.

    I love cartoons of all kinds and some of my favorite animals are weasels/mustelids. I also love to read, all kinds of stories, but I never really get into romance. I also collect stuffed animals and I sometimes make my own to fill a need for a particular stuffie. (I only cuddle with them, though.)

    I'm also kind of a nerd. I tend to 'geek out' over things at times and I own a lot of game consoles. For anyone curious, I currently have an NES with well over 100 games, a SNES, Sega Genesis - nothing beats playing Sonic & Knuckles on the original!

    I also have a Game Cube, a DS lite in light pink (not metallic rose), a DSi in white. And I really wish they'd made the pretty light pink in it. I also have a game boy, a game boy color, a GBA, PS2, Dreamcast, N64 and probably a couple I've forgotten to list. It's a lot of acronyms!

    I also identify as asexual panromantic.

    I'm mainly looking to kind of hang out and maybe occasionally comment or ask a question where it's not going to have people raising eyebrows.

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    Welcome to ADISC,

    Well....where to start...

    OK, so there are varying degrees of Infantilism; ranging from basic mannerisms, such as wearing clothing to initiate regression or using childish item (pacifiers, bottles, etc) to once again achieve regression. Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum you have the more advanced Infantilism which is sexual in nature. Between those two examples is everything known as *B/DL (where * = A for adults and T for teens).

    So, to more directly answer your question, if you enjoy those items because of the regressive feelings involved with them. Then yes you are in fact Mildly AB.

    As far as cartoons are concerned I prefer the older cartoons that are found on Boomerang, most new cartoons usually annoy me. Beside, cartoons I'm also a big anime fan.

    nice collection of gaming consoles by the way. Drop a lot of NES games, a Gamecube, and a Dreamcast, Add, an Atari, a PS1, a xbox, and a xbox360 and thats what i have.

    I myself fall under asexual aromantic.

    On that note, enjoy ADISC and I hope you find what you looking for.

    Be Well

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    hey there, welcome to the site. what NES games do you have? any of the rare ones?

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    Thanks for the info, Adinaonar. It was helpful. Most of my favorite cartoons are at least twenty years old, actually. There are really very few of the more modern shows that I like. I never got an Xbox, but it's probably about time that I did. When I first looked at them all of the stores around here only had games that I wasn't interested in for it, so I went with the PS2.

    Coyote_Howl, I'm not sure if any of my games are considered 'rare'...I've never looked it up. I picked up a lot of them after everyone started migrating to the SNES in the 90's. I don't think I have room to really list out what ones I have, so I'll just name my favorites, which are ones I remember spending an insane amount of time playing.
    Super Mario Brothers (1-3) - I love Mario games.
    Barker Bill's Trick Shooting
    Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (1 + 2)
    The Goonies II - I remember the part when you could 'hit' this one guy and eventually he'd give you an item, but while you were hitting him he'd keep saying "Ouch, what do you do?" It was the first time I'd ever noticed the 'Engrish' in some of the old Nintendo games.
    Wizards and Warriors
    Kid Icarus - Possibly my second favorite platformer.
    The Legend of Zelda - Zelda games are another absolute favorite. I tried to play the second one, but it was too different and I never got around to finishing it.
    Milon's Secret Castle - I spent way too much time in the well trying to get the big bubble in this one. XD
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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    Mostly know of the big ones on there, Mario games were get (didn't like 2 as much though), TMNJ is so much fun still!!

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    I didn't care so much for Mario 2 either. I'm not sure why, though...maybe it's just because it's that little bit different. Kind of like how Zelda 2 is different.

    And I've been wanting to play TMNT for a while, but I don't have my NES hooked up right now. I need to fix that.

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