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Thread: Wearing briefs to mimic the feeling of diapers

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    Default Wearing briefs to mimic the feeling of diapers

    hey anyone here wear briefs to mimic the feeling of wearing a diaper? i know its not nearly like the real thing but i was just wondering

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    i do XD it makes me feel younger but i have diapers sooo. ...xD

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    Haha yes. When I was a bit younger, I used to do this all the time. Sometimes I would even wear multiple pairs to simulate a diaper better.

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    I switched back from boxers to briefs about two years ago, more or less for this same reason. Well, that and the fact that they are more comfortable/supportive than boxers. I haven't had access to diapers for over a year now, so whenever the folks're outta the house, I put on two x-l tighty wighties I keep at the back of my underwear drawer, stuffed with a big fluffy towel. The best thing next to a real diaper! I've tried multiple undies before, but after a while they just get stiff and restrictive...
    I'm actually really keen to buy some tiger underwear soon; double backed briefs or even the quadruple backed training pants. I reckon they'd be great for someone like me who isn't gutsy enough to wear a real diaper in public!

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    I kind of do both. I regularly wear briefs as underwear. I have some training pants (bought from various sellers on eBay) that I like to wear. I also use pull-on style cloth diapers (like briefs heavily padded - they're from Babykins) and plastic pants at night for bedwetting. They work great and I like the feel.

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    Thread moved to Diaper Talk forum, and title changed to "Wearing briefs to mimic feeling of diapers" to better label the thread based on its topic.

    Personally, it was one of the things I used to do before I started wearing diapers to bed every night. I would wear briefs sometimes because it was at least a bit closer to diapers than boxers or anything else, in terms of looks and coverage area, as well as being perhaps a bit more snug. I have also heard of people layering them up to even create the feeling of the thickness. I just wouldn't recommend using them as diapers.

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    Damn. I wear briefs because my balls sweat in boxers. Suddenly you all having me re-think the whole situation... :-/

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    I did it three different times in 2004 in boxer briefs, then I stopped.

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    I've always worn briefs so it's not really more childish/diaper-like for me to wear them. I have doubled them up before to simulate diapers.

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    I've always worn tighty-whities, tried boxers for a short time and just hated the feel of them. Always wanted grown-up sized underoos (and light up sneakers, if truth be told). Seems like tots today get to have all the fun.

    If I wear diapers and plastic pants out of the house, I always wear the tighty-whities over them under my clothing, makes me feel less conspicuous.

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