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Thread: Choosing a Nighttime Diaper

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    Out of the 2 diapers, Molicares and Abri-Form X-Plus... What would be better for night time use? Are they both good diapers or should I try 1 or the other.. I've heard really good things about both but I want to know before I buy diapers on Friday. Thanks guys

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    I know the x-plus's padding extends further into the sides... which might help prevent leaks. Both are very absorbent... which you already know. The molicare has a bit of a lower cut (I think) and fits some body shapes better (maybe mine, it's been so long since I've used moli's.)

    Most people enjoy the Abena better. If I had to order a pack of either right now (god, I wish!) I'd go with Abena even though Molicares like my body better But that's cause I love the thickness and feel!

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    I've never used Molicares before, but I have nothing but good things to say about Abena.

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    I havent used abenas before but molicare is my favorite so far. Those are amazing according to me. What kind of molicare is it btw?

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    Honestly, I would go with a good cloth diaper and a booster if you are worried about leaks. Of course you will also need a pair of plastic pants. Never had any luck in containing side leaks with disposibles, Molicare oir Abena.

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    I like Molicare better as well. For some reason they seem way less prone for me to leak from the top or the sides. They're also more comfortable. Pretty much anything though in my experience is pretty dodgy when laying down.

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    molicare super plus... I'm going to a site I found through google called

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    Whenever I tried Abenas it ended with wetting the bed. I can't understand why people are so excited about them.

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