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    I'm a 56 year old guy from a farm community in Mass who has been into diapers or diaper substitutes and using them for what they were designed for since 11 years old. I like to garden, walk in the woods and fields around my house and of course use a computer. I was a chat host for years on AOL before they got rid of such people having decided that members needed to do their own thing without any help.

    I found this site from a link from another site, sorry, I can't recall which now, and am pleased to find others like me that just enjoy wearing diapers. Back before the internet i figured i was the only person in the world that got into diapers and envy those that have had this resource from their early days.

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    Hi, BooniesboyDL. It's nice to meet another person from MA. I'm 29 and I'm really new to this forum and never worn diapers but I really want to. I posted a Intro post yesterday and just edited it to include more details about me. I also love to walk in the woods and I don't know what I'd do without my computer. Keep in touch if you want to. --Zacky

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    So many people from Massachusetts, wow! Can't say that I'm from there, but many generations ago my roots came out of Rhode Island with property that had a boundary with MA, does that count?

    Well, welcome BooniesBoy to the the site. I live in a small town myself, and as Bruce Springstein, John Mellencamp and others tell it, small towns are a pretty good place to be.

    Hope you enjoy your time here as well.

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