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    This website - the forum - must have been a godsend for some of you.
    I know, that some of you have been alone at some point, wondering if you were alone. Be it Diaper Lover, Adult/Teen Baby, or Incontinent, you must have, at some point, felt like you were the only one.
    It was strange for me, I know, because when I discovered my intrigue to diapers I thought I must have been the weirdest person on this world - someone my age, in diapers... And liking it?!
    I scared myself when thinking of the possible outcomes of being discovered by someone. But then, gratefully, I am in a new-age generation, with interaction and freedom of the internet.
    I found sites like these and, although I do not participate is much discussion, I am comforted all the same to know that I am not alone.
    I'm sure, that on some level, you can connect with me on this.

    We all have the simple human need to find a kindred to connect; to know, in our heart of hearts, that we are not alone.

    Thank you!

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    It was a god send for me, but not in the same way. I never really felt uncomfortable with my feelings for being little, they were always there, and I wasn't surprised to find sites on the internet about this fetish (a long time before adisc started :P). Its a godsend because its a place that's actively moderated, keeps out the weirdos and creepers, and has an awesome core group of members.

    Before I used this site I would of never met up with any AB's. Now... well I've met lots, and intended to meet more .

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    I knew at once that there must be others who feel like I do, I just didn't know this kind of community existed that's so supportive and inviting. I have grown fond of this place as somewhere I can speak my mind about just about anything without the stigmatized status of my personal affiliations alienating me. I have never in my life met another AB/DL/etc in person, and I was scared out of my mind before coming here. Now maybe I can get out of my hole and look around a bit

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    This site came later.
    I think rule 34 (which wasn't official at the time, but it was still a fact.) may have made me realize I wasn't alone... That happened in middle school some time...

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    I never really assumed that I was the only one with these "interests," but it isn't as if I pondered them all that thoroughly before discovering its presence online, either.

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    ADISC is my other family and provides a place where I always feel welcome. It's really important to me as I always enjoy interacting with the other members. It's nice to have friends with this common interest, especially since we are inter generational. Where else could one go to find acceptance on so many different levels.

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    I knew there had to be others, just didn't know what to look for. I actually sumbled upon abdl on YouTube. I looked around on some other sites, and joined one. I had been active in the community for about a year before I found, and propmtly joined adisc. It has been about half a year, and a great half a year.

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