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    Hi Everyone-

    At some point, I think I posted an introduction, but it was quite awhile ago. I've been offline on the forms for some time, and have decided to start lurking around again.

    I've been into this lifestyle for about 12 or 13 years now, and have had plenty of 'on again' 'off-again' with it. I've gone through several purges over the year, and was even completely out of the game for awhile a few years back. But I'm currently back and enjoying it. Who knows what the future will bring.

    I enjoy wearing mostly, but also enjoy acting like an LG and being a Daddy to little ones as well.

    Outside of this lifestyle, I work as a computer systems architect for a US based company, designing computer systems for fortune 500 companies. I also enjoy photography and working with my hands, mostly doing construction work on my house.

    Not sure what I expect to get out of these forms, other then to be in touch with some like minded folk. Maybe shed a little of my own insight here and there.

    Hoping to get to know some of you.


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    Welcome Kitt -
    Mercy; I wouldn't know where to start with that job description -
    What does that actually mean? Like you design the hardware side of stuff or software or what?
    Are these systems in say retail fronts or more like at corporate centers/offices - ?

    Just curious - have no idea whatsoever of what would go into that - I work with people and programs in a non-profit.
    Although I love technology, it's so helpful to have individuals like yourself willing to give of themselves for organizations like ours.

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    hey, welcome to the site! anything in particular you enjoy taking pictures of?

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