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Thread: Birmingham: The city with no real adult diapers

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    Default Birmingham: The city with no real adult diapers

    And I think that goes for other major cities in the UK except London. Unless you order online, you cant find real adult diapers in any medical store.

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    true, because most people with a legitimate need can get them on the NHS through their Pharmacy. That said have you checked mobility shops as they often stock them?

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    you can get em' in liverpool, so there should be no reason for not getting them in brum, you must be looking in the wrong places, big boots / chemists or mobility shops usually sell em.

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    Its the same all over the country guys, either a few specialist shops with not much choice or nothing. Stick to online, better choice, and you don't have to leave the comfort of your house!

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    I've only ever seen adult pull ups down by me in Surrey. Waste of money if you ask me!

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