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Thread: The Greatest Music Video Ever Thread.

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    Cool The Greatest Music Video Ever Thread.

    Since we have a "Gayest Music Video Thread" so why not have a thread with the Greatest Music Video Ever.

    Here my pick for the Greatest Music Video...
    YouTube - Blue October - Calling You
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    This is my favorite song, it's called Stitches by Haste The Day

    I also gotta add one more, It's called Awakening by Switchfoot

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    The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddy View Post
    I forgot about Gorillaz Vidoes....
    Feel Good Inc
    I SO agree with that! great song too!

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    Coldplay- The Scientist

    however sad it may be.

    I really wish "Bright Eyes" did music videos.
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    i dont got any but if i did it would be a tecno vid.

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