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Thread: how many of you know another AB/TB/DL personally?

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    Default how many of you know another AB/TB/DL personally?

    my first topic in the adult baby section yay? i think...

    i am sure its been done before but... meh
    anyways topic is what it says

    in this quiet new york suburb i dont get around a lot... so i my chances of ever finding another AB/DL are even slimer (lackin a drivers lisense...) but what about you? did you chance upon a likeminded kin?

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    I don't, but I know that there is another forum member who lives in the same VA town as me (because he posted his loc here), so I guess I could "know" someone near me....

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    Well, I've met a lot of people from the site... in fact someones coming to live with me for a month next monday!

    I've met around 14 or 15 folk from this site, and then I've seen a (probable) AB couple out and about in the streets of my city

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    I've never met anyone because of the site, but I know plenty of abdls in real life, including most importantly my boyfriend of over two years, who I met at an abdl Halloween party in Chicago. I've also been to couple of diaper parties on Vermont, one in Tennessee, and a few different parties in Toronto. I know all sorts of abdl types all over the US and Canada. One of my friends from southern California actually bought a house about four miles away from me as of a couple months ago, too .

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    I have met a couple of people. I have one close friend that I play with, and a few more that I correspond and meet with somewhat regularly.

    I had to start an AB/DL meet up group/munch to acomplish this. Since this site allows minors a lot of people here are pretty paranoid about meeting people from this site. Adult only communities like DD and Fetlife are a better way. There might even be a munch in your area already.

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    I've very lucky to have two close friends who I made though this site, they great people to be around, and the abdl thing is just a bonus . I've met lots of others as well and consider the majority to be friends, just these two are closer .

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    Melbourne Australia is a great place to be an AB. We have a strong face to face community. I have probably met thirty or so ABs.
    And I am a shy guy who doesn't go out of his way to "meet up"

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    at the last AB party sat nite there was 24 there and i know about 9 more that didn't make it. so 33 in all so far. I understand there was about 90something on the invite list. like timby the 9 are just local friends i met over time but made 3 more at the party. they just add up over time.

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    I've met a few. One went horribly, a couple were just "meh" one time meetings, another I've known for 5 years now and we talk every now and then, hang out and the sort, and another I just met recently, but we've hit it off really well. She's a super super sweet gal, pretty new to the diaper thing, but not age play, so I've been helpin' her explore that. I know even more littles, but littles I tend to categorize differently than ABDLs.

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    I know 3 that live within 10 miles of my houes and I went to a abdl pary stturday night

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