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Thread: Movie theater/general consensus on Tena briefs

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    Default Movie theater/general consensus on Tena briefs

    Starting soon, I'm going to wear diapers to the movie theater whenever possible. I don't feel like having to get up and use the toilet while I'm in the middle of a good movie. The idea came to me when I was watching Inception, and I had to get up and use the bathroom twice. I think I'm also going to start carrying a travel flask as well, because the prices on drinks (even bottled water) are ridiculous. I know it sounds lazy, but how would you react?

    What is the general consensus opinion of TENA Classic Plus briefs? Those are the kind I use but I've heard mixed things about them. Is there a good diaper to wear to the theater? It has to be light, non-crinkling and able to absorb a lot of fluids without leaking.

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    Diapers at a movie theater are brilliant! Mr. X and I watched the new Harry Potter movie this weekend, and we were both well-padded in cloth. The diapers were incredibly obvious, but it wasn't too crowded, and even after a 44 ounce drink neither one of us had to use the restroom during the movie.

    I don't know about that Tena Classic. It's not the same thing as the European Tena that is an amazing diaper that's super hard to get in the US. Generally though, if a diaper's good, it'll be good for a movie. If a diaper can only stand one or two wettings, it won't be good for a movie.

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    Lol, I tried that with depends once. Did not end well at all, good thing i was wearing a long coat because they leaked. good luck with the Tenas let me know how they work for you.

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    I always take a drink and a snack to the cinema, no way am I paying 5 for a tube of smarties.

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    I think wearing to a movie is a great idea. Also, I get a girl to with me and I make an agreement that if I buy her ticket she'll sneak the snacks in with her purse. It works great because by law there not allowed to check unless theres a threat.

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    Awesome idea! I'm definitely going to try this soon. Maybe pick a screening when most people will be at work/at school for your first time, just in case? Give you a chance to test out diapers without an intimidating mass of people on all sides...
    I usually bring a bag to the theatre. I've never been checked before, but as a precaution I wrap my water bottle and m n m's in a sweater :P

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    Perfect idea!!! I'm def. going to try that. especially since I don't like to miss any of the movie. I always bring stuff into the movie.. Never been checked. So much cheaper than what they sell in the theatre!

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    Dave, I tend to go for midnight showings - the staff simply don't care, you could walk in without ever buying a ticket if you want to, so no way are they going to stop you for a drink check.

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    I use Tena quite often. If you only have a slight/moderate problem with wetting, you should be o.k.. However, if you plan on emptying a full bladder, you'd better add some extra padding! Also, while sitting, leakage is a real problem, so I'd recommend doing a few safe runs at home, before you go out in public.

    Best of luck with it!


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    most of the time when I go to the movies I'm riding my motorcycle which means I'm carrying my tank bag, and normally still wearing my jacket. They have never asked to check my bag. I could sneak most anything in using that, and frequently I do.

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