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    Disclaimer: Am totally not using any kinds of cheat sheets whatsoever. I came up with these mindblowingly simple and friendly questions all on my own...totally. Yup, no cheat sheet. None in the slightest >_>

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    I'm fine, if not slightly annoyed by the fact i broke a $200 headset. At least i'm still on warranty. I was bored today and fancy'd myself reading a few stories, but it turns out lurking is bad, apparently. Which may causes issues...

    2) What brings you here? (interest in diapers/regression)

    The way i found this place was pretty funny. There was this one thread on my WoW Realm forums, and there was this one person photoshopping our characters in onesies. It was quite a sucess for the fact most people participating were bored, and it was past midnight. But a few days later i asked that character for a personalized picture that was more revealing/sissy that the general "Oh its just us being silly" that was in the thread. And when we talked about details and such after the picture was done. She kind of slipped "AB" in there, and then we started talking about that, which led all the way here.
    That said, i do have DL tendencies, mostly toward those cute pink diapers they come out for girls, and probably other pink-ish sissy stuff. But i dont actually wear them or anything. I live in the middle of absolutely nowhere, the nearest general store is like a 15 mins car drive, and they only sell general uniteresting brands in too small sizes. Living with my parents could make that pretty hard to hide while we're at it.

    3) Diapers do not rule our lives! What are your other interests? (besides diapers/regression)

    Games mostly. World of Warcraft being a huge part of it. But i'm also a bit of a programmer. I also like animes, with japanese audio and subtitles. I just cant stand the english voice actors and translations, they just murder stuff more than anything. Kinda hard to find other stuff because all i'm doing year long is practically be in front of my computer all day long. (But i do have social activities at times, mind you)

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    Hm, I used to play wow, on blackwater raiders, as far as subbed anime, I have quite the collection. If you join the Anime/Manga Group, I have a link to my Anime-Planet watched list. Kind of a dead group but it's there.

    On that note, Welcome to ADISC. Enjoy the forum and have fun.

    Be Well

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    Hey and welcome. I seen in your thread that your a bit of a programmer, which is cool because in a tech. and theres a few others I came across so you'll fit in well, hope to see you around.

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    Welcome. What kind of programming languages do you get into?

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