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Thread: Freakin' Macbook screen!

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    Default Freakin' Macbook screen!


    Isn't so convenient how everyone always breaks after the warranty expires? Even when you buy the extended warranty, and even when the problem is a manufacturing defect. Since last year, my laptop screen has been progressively dying. It started with a few blue speckles, spread to a 2" strip of static, and is no slowly consuming the right 5/6 of my screen.

    When I turned on my computer today, the whole right side of the screen was pitch black, leaving only a thin strip of unaffected screen on the left. Using the zooming feature to hunt around my desktop -- which is only marginally effective, since your mouse doesn't stay centered when you zoom, and it quickly vanished behind the wall of black -- I somehow managed to open Safari, log on my email account, and evacuate my precious thesis files so that I wouldn't lose access to an entire semester's worth of work.

    After a while, the right half of the screen began to come back in bits and pieces, enough to be able to semi-navigate, but not enough to really do a whole lot. And -- worst of all, unless I keep my computer *perfectly* horizontal, the right side goes black all over again! And it's over $700 to get it fixed, too. Freakin' macs. Wonderful OS, terrible computer.

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    macs are just over priced , ..... i Freeeeze i call them

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    Really? Just Macs break the day after their warranty expires? Happens on most of the HP laptops!

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    Well... there's your problem!

    It's a Mac.

    Alright, time to leave the OS bias behind. It's very unusual for a Mac to just.. die after short use. Their hardware is made specifically for that model, so it's as compatible as it's every going to get.

    Their computers are extremely over priced, (I can make a sexeh gamin' computer for half the price), but.. to have to pay $700 for Apple's horrible computer is just.. more balls than balls.

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    Just buy an LCD panel on Ebay and service it yourself, it'd cost less than $130.00. If you're not comfortable working on your computer, I am sure you know someone who is.

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    Yep! Mine has done exactly the same. I've written mine of though. At least for me, its not worth the repair.
    As well as the screen, the casing has broken, the battery is no longer accepted/charge/work at all, and the keyboard/trackpad no longer work

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    For 700 bucks, you could practically get a new Macbook! That's just ridiculous!

    But, yes, that's the horrible thing about macs: You have to buy them one one place and one place only. And that place happens to have shitty hardware. (But, contrary to popular belief, you can 'hackintosh' a PC. That's exactly what I'm probably going to do. Wonderful, sexy OS, I'm just not a big fan of the hardware...)

    Mac Repair - Mac Parts and Service for Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad sells the macbook screens, though, as well as other parts.

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    If you need that mac though (and don't really need it to be mobile), you could jet get a normal monitor for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slim View Post
    Isn't so convenient how everyone always breaks after the warranty expires? Even when you buy the extended warranty, and even when the problem is a manufacturing defect.
    Extended warranties are a hugely profitable commodity that computer manufacturers absolutely love to sell.
    Take a look at this here chart:

    Your original factory warranty covers that initial spike in failures, and your extended warranty generally expires a little bit before the second peak. Coincidence? No. The manufacturer knows roughly how long your product is going to last before it starts hitting that peak and succumbing to age/use/whatever, and they will have their extended warranty period expire before that point. I don't want to come off as mean, but boy, they sure know how to separate some people from their hard-earned money.

    Back on topic:
    If it were me (and i'm a super tightwad, just fyi) I would just buy a nice monitor, as suggested previously by Mombasa, (newegg has always got sales going on for monitors) and hook that up to the macbook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    For 700 bucks, you could practically get a new Macbook!
    For $700 bucks you could touch a Macbook. But Apple selling a basic laptop for under a thousand? Blasphemy!

    iPads cost around $700-$900. Yup. For a larger version of the iPod, it costs nearly a thousand...

    Annnnywho, as mentioned twiiiice now: A moniter is basically the way to go. Newegg, also mentioned earlier, is the best place to get deals and low-prices.

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