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Thread: Favorite "Traditional" Sense

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    Default Favorite "Traditional" Sense

    I know someone's going to object to me calling it favorite of the five senses but oh well.

    So, as you were taught, we have five major senses - Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, and Touch. Which of these is your favorite? Mine would have to be hearing. My stupid music library is 71 gigabytes and growing and I can't get enough music! Sight comes in a close second.

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    Sight wins, I may be somewhat colorblind, but I probably would just off myself if I went blind.

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    I would defiantly have to go with sight. Hearing is a close second for me. Then touch, and taste. Smell isn't really a big deal for me because I can hardly smell anything anyway

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    I'm a professional musician so hearing is my favorite. I believe I posted a poem on Finished Stories this summer called "The Five Senses". I think that says it all.

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    I refuse to pick. I have a sizable record collection and 130+ gigs of music, and would go insane if I couldn't enjoy any of it, but I certainly don't want to go without my senses of taste and smell, either.

    Sight is a no-brainer.

    I don't know how possible it would be to go without your sense of touch.

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    I picked sight, although I did recently come to realization that all the senses are variations on touch. Sight is photons touching your eye, hearing is soundwaves touching your inner ear, taste is food touching your tongue, and smell is particles touching the inside of your nose. I came to this when I heard hearing referred to as "touch at a distance".

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    Taste for me, followed by smell. I love foods and drinks thus those 2 are pretty big for me.

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    Well, I guess sight. Art and writing are some of the most important things in my life. Taste and smell I could live without... But I could never cope if I couldn't see my monitor. (I mean, I could, but I'm such a drama queen sometimes.)

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    This is a tough one...

    My eyesight is awful, and my senses of smell and hearing are incredibly acute. Without touch I'd probably die from stepping on a nail or something. I love tasting things and I have a pretty good palate.

    I think I'd choose touch, honestly. So much can be accomplished with touch, I could probably still function reasonably well if it's all I had.

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    Taste and smell are over rated. If I couldn't feel, I would be paralysed... I'm a musician.

    I'm gonna have to go with my ears, Stevie Wonder!

    Forget about that deaf guy, Bethoven. He never wrote anything good...

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