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Thread: Question for those who wear 24/7

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    Default Question for those who wear 24/7

    Just had a quick question for those who are incontinent and/or wear 24/7...about how many diapers do you go through on average per day?

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    This question has been asked before, but it's been awhile. I'm urge incon and wear 24/7. I usually wear four a day (sometimes five) and that includes a night diaper. The range would be three to six. At least one of my diapers will be cloth (night diaper), but most are disposable.

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    I'm both urine and fecally incon, I wear Dry24/7 now, and on really good days just two, then cloth for night.

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    I wear cloth only, I use two 9 layers durning the day and one 12 layer at night and almost never have a leak.

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    I dont wear 24/7 but i have a younger sibling who does and he goes through about 3 or 4 a day.

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    With Abena M4, I can often get by on two in a 24-hour period. One for overnight and one for daytime. However, I'd say three diapers per day is more the norm. I've been changing myself in the afternoons even when the diaper is not soaked, just for the sake of staying dry.

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    Would you say that the Dry 24/7's are great for night time use?

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    The Dry 247 is great for night time use. It gets really heavy by morning. Just make sure the tapes are tight for all night. As much as a hassle that cloth can be I just look forward to wearing it at night with plastic pants (more comforting for me?)

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    The amount used all depends on diaper quality. If I am useing cheaper ones then I go thru about 4-5 and sometimes 6 a day. 'Good quality' about 3-4 and with like Active Ultra and Dry24 I use 2-3 a day. 2 Sometimes only 1 Active in the daytime and an Dry24 at nite. It really makes up for it in cost tho. Cheaper diapers end up costing a lot more.

    It also depends on intake. If I drink more then add an extra or 2. Like today was a really lazy day. I sat back an watch movies all day and kept drinking a LOT of sweet tea. I went thru 3 Actives on 4th now but it won't be full before I change to a Dry for bed here in a little bit.

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    about only 3-4 GoodNites a day

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