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Thread: Hey, there!

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    Default Hey, there!

    hi! i'm new here. I like drawing and reading just about anything. I'm a junior in high school. I like history. and animals. I think i want to be a vet. I like diapers, just for fun, as well as other babyish things. I want to make friends who like the same things i do

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    Hey, welcome and im sure that you'll make many friends here. You didn't say alot about yourself so can I ask, what kind of art do you like to draw and what was your last good book?

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    i like manga, but i also love checking out photo books of animals from the library and charcoaling them. i am a diehard harry potter fan. i just read this book called the forest of hands and teeth, (post zombie apocalipse.) pretty cool book.

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    hey there welcome, cute name! do you plan to major in history if you go to college? Also any particular nations or regions history you like the most?

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    i might, i like early history, like, ancient. roman, egyptian. im a bit of a history dork . im still trying to figure things out as to what i will major in when i go to college

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    ahh well still plenty of time :P, personally love Russian History (it pretty uh...interesting xD). do you like mythology as well?

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    nice! wonder since alot of those places had mythology. If you want a pretty weird one, check out the Sumerian mythology sometime

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    Welcome to ADISC

    I'm not to into generalized history; Cultural mythology and world religions are what i enjoy studying. I will agree with Coyote_Howl on this one Sumerian mythology is kind of odd, but quite interesting.

    Hope you enjoy ADISC.

    Be well

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