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Thread: Hello World, from Barcelona (Catalonia)

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    Default Hello World, from Barcelona (Catalonia)

    It was quite a surprise to find a forum like this, because one of those google searches are made by chance.

    To say I am in love with that feeling of being a child, to me is a way to recover a stage where I was the center of attention, the center of the world.

    I love the world of aesthetics, beauty, I am dedicated to multimedia design.

    A hug adorable little boys!

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    hello pigtails - I'm not sure if I'm really adorable, but whatever ;-)
    hope this site is what you're looking for - it's a real "community" place, so it can seem a little tight at first, but if you settle in you will enjoy it :-)
    Tell us more about your non-ABDL interests - do you do design work for a living, or is it just a hobby?

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    Welcome to site, lucky about being in Barcelona, seems like it would be an awesome place to live. Hopefully not a Real Madrid fan though :P.

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