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Thread: Nuk 5 dimensions?

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    Default Nuk 5 dimensions?

    Could someone please measure their nuk 5 paci for me?
    The length from shield to tip of the nipple, and the maximum width of the teat would be perfect.
    You see a number of years back I bought a couple of gerber toddler pacis, before they sold the business to nuk. They are much larger than the nuk 3 and I would love to find out if the saugtrainer was just a repackaging of this original gerber paci.

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    Thanks, I had seen this image, but was hoping for something a little more accurate...

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    Well that is interesting. I can report that the NUK 5 was originally sold by Gerber as there "Toddler" size pacifier. I bought two about 20 years ago out of run out stock. If I recall, they were packaged in a cardboard and see through plastic bubble pack, like a normal pacifier. They were in my local chemist for $2- each. Wish I had bought their entire stock.

    They have an offwhite opaque shield, rather than the translucent, slightly medical look of the saugtrainer! And they have lasted very well!

    So anyway if you ever see a very old box of Gerber pacis, have a look, you might be in for a very happy suprise.

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    An opaque shield, eh? I like that a lot better than the colour of the new Nuk 5. That's probably what's preventing me from buying one, is the nasty look of it. I mean, it has to look cute! I'd much prefer to buy a modified MAM from pacifiersrus. At least they have colour!

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    I am about to order a modded Nuk 5 with a cute blue ducky on the shield! A little more, but still under $20. : D

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    The saugtrainer L, (NUK 5) in my opinion, is still the best paci on the market. But what a shame NUK doesn't produce one in a real adult size. As I have discovered this size was originally designed for older toddlers. All NUK has done is repackage it in a psuedo medical style and charged 5 times the price of what it was as a toddlers paci.

    Now what we need to do is get NUK to really start producing for the adult market. If there was a significant take up of the product for reduction of snoring, NUK could stand to make millions and start a significant new revenue source for them.

    Lets consider the US..some studies conclude that over 50% of adult males snore enough to affect the quality of sleep of their partner. So thats a possible market of maybe 60 million people. Lets say that 10% try the "NUK Snore Stopper Pro" that is 6 million sales a year. The manufacturer could expect to make $6-?? per sales. That is 36 million for basically the price of machining a new tool for their moulding machine (about 1 million) and maybe another mil to modify their assembly process. The distribution channels are already in place. So some advertising in general media and to sleep specialists and I can see a return on investment in well under a year! And that is just the US market, an equivalent size market in Europe exists.

    So should I put together a proper business case and send it to Germany?

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    I really hope that someone builds a bigger paci...

    I have nuk5 and it is too small....wish it was much bigger than it is...

    Anyone know of one that is bigger?


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    Yes put together a business case and send to them...I'm not sure if the big corporation will listen but it might be worth an email or two...


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