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    Default brand question

    so I've heard of a brand known as the leader brand and was wondering what are the specs? I can't find much on them. all I know is they have a pull-up style.

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    They may be the best on the market but if you are not comfortable wearing them then whats the point. Everyone has there own likes and dislikes in a diaper.

    My best advise is to look for a diaper that is not ranked the best by others but one that is ranked the best by you. Therfore try and try and try before you settle on something you like.

    Hugs and Kisses,

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    eh, what? not quite sure how to respond to that. I'm just wondering how they are, if there are pics, the absorbency, that sorta thing.
    I want to know if they're good or not.

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    Never heard of them. This usually means they're generic store brand ones and don't tend to be as good as the premium brands. Personally I'm not a fan of pullups, just not babyish enough I guess :P.

    Where did you hear about them?

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    well I might be getting them from a thrift-store so who knows where they got them. I'm not much a fan of pull-ups either, but when it's the only thing to work with... well ya gotta settle eh? :3

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