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Thread: Cage against the Machine?

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    Default Cage against the Machine?

    Anyone going to be buying this single?
    BBC News - Stars stay silent in X Factor protest :P

    It's basically another song trying to emulate what Rage against the machine did last year and prevent Xfactor from grabbing the Christmas Number 1. I think it's a really cool idea, and will be buying it to show solidarity.

    Xfactor is a boil on the bum of music, stifling creativity and uniqueness, and preventing better artists from getting recognition. They cover crap songs, have no personality in their voices, and needs to be hung, drawn, and quartered then never remembered.

    The UK has such a diverse musical culture, it's one of the things we do very well, from indie, to pop, to electronic, etc etc. The xfactor goes against that and goes for the lowest common denominator.

    Join me, Buy this single.

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    I'll definitely consider it, and have joined the Facebook group (and was one of those to buy the RATM single last year), but there is a certain amount of irony in sticking a middle finger up to the X-Factor single buyers' sheep mentality by doing exactly the same thing with a different track. Doing it once was fun, and it certainly demonstrated the power of social networking sites, but I'm less enthusiastic about doing it again, because how is this any better than the X-Factor crap? (Apart from the fact that 4'33" is musically/artistically better than whatever nonsense X-Factor churns out, and that the proceeds of it will be going to charity)

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    I think it'll struggle, as most people would have got it out of their systems last year. Plus last year's song was... a song, that plenty of people wouldn't really mind owning. It's a song that I bet a lot of people had heard, quite liked, and so downloading could have been worth it. Plus lots of people LOVED the song, and would be excited by the prospect of it being number one.

    This 'song' however... well it's not going on my iPod. And I don't think it's that loved either.

    If a decent modern artist, released a decent Christmas song (no matter how atypical), I'd consider buying that in an attempt to beat the X-factor.

    That said, I'll probably buy it again this year. I want to see the upset winner when they come 2nd in the chart.

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    Last year it was fun, it was new and we all breathed a sigh of relief when The X Factor failed. This year, with all the voting scandals etc the show has pretty much shot itself in the foot and the contestants are pretty awful this year (OK I've never watched it but it's the same every year) so we might not have to worry. The show is well past it's sell by date now and will hopefully disappear soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamakitten View Post
    and the contestants are pretty awful this year (OK I've never watched it but it's the same every year)
    Actually, I have been watching and would say the current finalists are probably the best they've had on the show yet.

    But I don't follow the charts and who makes Christmas number one doesn't really matter to me. In my eyes mass-buying a song just for the sake of it beating another just encouraged the commercialism associated with the charts in general, and especially the Christmas number one. If the proposed number one was a charity Christmas single I might join in, as that would actually mean something, but I don't really get the song choice here. I won't be buying the X-Factor single and definitely won't be buying this one, and just like every other week I probably won't have a clue who actually ends up making it to number one anyway.

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