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Thread: I thought it would be nice to have three cautionary tales about Incontinence and how it isn't nice to have it so I made this thread

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    Default I thought it would be nice to have three cautionary tales about Incontinence and how it isn't nice to have it so I made this thread

    Don't make yourself incontinent. You totally get pee all over the place if you mess up! Or if your adult garments of under mess up! Just think about how bad that would be for a second. You know how when you spill, like, milk on yourself, you say "Well shoot"? Well getting pee on yourself is probably a thousand times worse. Probably. I would say that is a good estimate.

    Let's talk about how much it costs after that very powerful argument. You think these things fall out of the sky? They used to, until they sprayed that stuff into the clouds to make it stop after the companies complained. Now you have to pay for it, or make other people pay for it if you want to. But they won't like that idea very much either. If you get the worst thing ever, also known as DEPENDS, you will have to dehydrate yourself like heck if you want to keep up with your friends' savings accounts. Or if you want to be in the black. The black money. The good zone. That should be your goal in life, by the way. Stay out of the red... yes! But mostly, keeping up with your two friends with the last name of Jones.

    Thirdly just think about your friends. They'll most likely hate you if you get pee on them. That's all there is to say about that.

    So there you have it. Don't do it or you'll be a yucko.

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    well shoot... I'm confused now. Are only the ppl who make themselves incon yuckos or does it include incons to? *just trying to see if I'm in the yucko club now* lol :P

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    All I'm saying is that it would probably be the worst thing to do it if you felt like it but then decided that you didn't feel like it anymore AND THEN messed up the process anyway.

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    Point is talking about the people who want to do something drastic to themselves to make themselves incontinent just so they have an excuse to wear diapers all the time. He's suggesting that the inconveniences outweigh the thrill of being able to wear all the time, and then he has given some examples. To explain further, we have had several threads by members who have talked about having surgical procedures done to make themselves incontinent. Even though no doctor would perform these procedures willingly, the said members were talking about tricking the doctor into the procedure, or going to other extreme measures.

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    I.... wat.

    That intro post was such a mind-fuck, good lawd.

    But I see what he's saying:

    1: Yeah, yeah. You like diapers. "I get to be in diapers 24/7!" Okay.. think of this. The very thing you loves, the diapers, will no longer become a thrill. They will become your life. You will need to always stock up on them. Always supply them. Pray to Maddona they do not leak, and so on.

    2: The cost. Do you have any idea how much those things actually cost when you're dependent on them? Yeah. You guess it. A lot. An awful lot.

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    I hope no one mistook me saying that with a smile. Sorta like "hey! I wanna join the club! Do I qualify?" hehehehe I couldn't agree more with Point

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