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Thread: My hello to everyone here...

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    Smile My hello to everyone here...

    Hi, im new to the community and wanted to say hey to everyone. For the 'classification', im a dl the enjoys the company of dl and ab's alike. I never really got into the regresson thing but that doesn't mean I don't like ab's I'd just rather catter to them because Im more of an indepenent person. My personality is more laid back because i've already been through alot in my short time to notice that some how everything works out in the end and the best things in life are usually over looked. Honestly, im just an ordinary guy that loves to work on trucks, ride my motorcycle and play my ps3. I graduated from York Tech. as an electronics/computer repair tech. I think this site acutally found me and I haven't told anyone about this side of me so it's awsome to beable express myself openly.

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    Sounds good - do your parents still ask you to fix their computer? I bet they do, yeah! Then you tell them to go away and they don't.

    Hello to every you here!

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    Yea, actually everyone I know asks me questions or to fix there computer. Its gotten to the point where they ramdomly call me on my cell for one of there friends problems.

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    hey, xxthatguyxx and captainpollution thanks and hope to talk on other ideas.

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    newbie saying hi to anotehr newbie hello

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    Welcome to ADISC. Enjoy the forum and have fun.

    Be Well

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