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Thread: Activists assaulted by senate staff for protesting prayer said at beginning of state senate session

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    Default Activists assaulted by senate staff for protesting prayer said at beginning of state senate session

    Capitol protestor found not guilty - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL Home

    When Senate President Colleen Hanabusa introduced a reverend to say the invocation, Mitch Kahle stood from his seat in the gallery of the Senate chambers and said, "I object. My name is Mitch Kahle and I object to this prayer on the grounds that it's a violation of the first amendment of the constitution of the United States. I object."

    Kahle's protest lasted about seven seconds. Then he stopped talking and sat down. The Senate's Sergeant at Arms was determined to remove Kahle. When Kahle resisted he was forcefully removed and roughed up. The incident was caught by several video cameras including a camera belonging to Hawaii News Now.

    Listen for the chorus of "amens" at the end of the prayer; they're using it to drown out the objections out of spite. Citizens of the United States: united together against the very constitution that created their nation.

    "Get the camera!"
    Fucking class.

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    Marsh v. Chambers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This was a case concerning Congress at the federal level, in 1983. It was upheld, essentially, on grounds of tradition, but it is currently considered a perfectly legal and constitutional practice.

    Everson v. Board of Education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This case, derived from the 14th Amendment, had the effect of incorporating first amendment rights against the states (meaning the First Amendment is NOT restricted to "Congress" as a federal entity, but also the states).

    Given that the Supreme Court has heard a case challenging the constitutionality of opening legislature in prayer, and upheld the practice, that is logically applicable to the states as well. Under our rather bizarre system of Common Law, a federal judicial decision is given the same weight as passed legislation, although Congress is free to override judicial precedent by passing their own legislation. They elaborate and define the language in laws, and those decisions are considered to carry the same weight as law...until Congress passes legislation to overrule those decisions. Round and round and round it goes where it stops nobody knows!


    That isn't to make a value judgment on the legitimacy or illegitimacy of Hawaii opening a senate session with a prayer - even being religious, I would prefer such practices to not be in...well, to be in practice. But to claim that it is unconstitutional is completely incorrect. Currently, the act of opening a session of legislature in prayer, is considered constitutional - via the above Supreme Court cases.

    Police action taken here, however...well, that is another story entirely...

    ETA: Didn't realize that Kahle was a citizen, not an elected official. As a citizen, he has every right to voice his objections in a public forum in a non-disruptive manner (which he did)...too bad we are not allowed to do that in federal Congress...and seemingly state Congress as well .

    On a side note, what the heck is with the diapers in the back???

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    Im not American but i am still going to shake my head.

    Fools. Seperation of chruch and state no... isnt that a huge american slogan?

    Throwing the correct guy out? For real?

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    He was being disruptive during a session in the legislature. He was out of order. Perhaps next time he will find a more constructive way of expressing his opinion.

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    He has a constitutional right to object to the prayer; whether his beliefs are right or wrong is another matter entirely. (I'm personally glad we allow gov't bodies to open with prayer and ask God to guide their decision-making. But that's irrelevant here.) Many ppl focus on free speech, religion and press. Do you remember the other part of the amendment? "The right to redress grievances." In other words, the right to complain about the gov't TO the gov't.

    Where would we be if Rosa Parks didn't create a disruption on her bus that day? (Which was gov't run.) Or any number of other acts of civil disobedience? Sometimes a little disruption is exactly what we need! The point is, this man made a short, simple and LEGAL statement of objection then sat down. There was no need for him to be removed from the gallery any more than anyone else who wants to speak out for or against a procedure or speech or whatever. I'm glad he was found not guilty. If I were on the jury, I would've done the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiharu View Post
    Fools. Seperation of chruch and state no... isnt that a huge american slogan?
    Alot think this means something besides what it really does. There are those that think it means or should mean that religion (church) is forbidden in government (state) run locations or whatever when what it was actually ment to do was keep situations where the government was, well, enforcing one religion over another like they do in the middle east (Islam) or where the church runs that state, like what some saw the Church of England doing.

    As faw as sloagans America uses? try these on for size:
    In God we trust (on our money)
    One nation under God (in our pledge of allegiance)
    God bless America

    The core of the matter is alot of our sloagans and the case in Hawaii is that they never specify WHICH god they are talking about (I.E. those of the islam faith could just as easily substitute Allah for God) in the slogans. As far as the prayer? like Draugr I think it should not happen or, since it is a state senate, be up to the senators on if they will open in prayer or a moment of silience, etc. and while it was a christian prayre (as it did come from a christion minister) there was no one that said that those of a different faith could not siliently pray to their god. But I would not call it unconstitutional.
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    Butterfly Mage


    All that keeps america from being a Christian versin of Saudi Arabia is the separation of church and state.

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    I agree with the protestor, but I also think he should've gone about it in a more constructive manner than yelling his objection out of turn.

    Get rid of all these Jesus junkies. I don't care. It wouldn't affect me in the least. But there was a better way to protest the prayer.

    Those fucking goons that grabbed dude's camera should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, though. That's unacceptable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiharu View Post
    Seperation of chruch and state no... isnt that a huge american slogan?

    Oh, it is, but very few actually understand what the founding fathers really meant by it...

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    My God...or lack thereof...

    This video is wrong on so many levels.

    Honestly, I never minded the idea of prayer before at the opening words of a governing body, but from watching this video, I am starting to reconsider that stance. From the state senatorial meetings I've personally observed as a member of the public, during prayer, I simply stayed sitting down and chose not to participate. While I do somewhat find it disrespectful how the protestors went about it, the simple fact is, they have every right to.

    To be asked to leave and escorted out is one thing, to be forcibly manhandled out and have to go through what the protestors did is another.

    The unprofessional conduct of the senate staff astounds me. They should be fired, or under these circumstances, written up on assault charges.

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