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Thread: new to the AB side of the house...

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    Wink new to the AB side of the house...

    So, as the title suggests I'm new to the AB side of ABDL. Now, I've been a DL for several years now and every once in a while I have tried to venture more into AB realm.

    So, now that I'm out of the military and back in the real world i figure it's high time to start down the path.

    The reason I'm posting this thread is to get guidance, learn more about resources for clothing, whatever else you can think of that would help.

    Be Well

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    Hmmmm... Well, everyone is different. The clothing (At least I would consider) is more for the hardcore, or serious AB/TBs. If I were you, I'd start off simple. Maybe get a pacifier, or something else along those lines. Keep things simple, and if you feel the need to, platonic. Don't rush yourself. Take everything nice and slow, and you'll be fine. ^_^

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    Taking it slow is certainly a good plan. Wouldn't want to burn out on the whole experience. I understand that. I'm just trying to get more of a sense AB community in general.

    I'm a very realistic and practical person, on that note I like to be well informed. So, I'm asking for opinions on clothing, paci's, etc. This way I can at least have the information in my mind thus making the progression of my regressions smooth, informed, and less awkward.

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    I would go look on Big Baby Boutique. She sells her clothes on Ebay. She has a lot of very cute onsies, and shortalls.

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    Thank you for the information, i will take a look at them.

    Well now that I've looked at them I think I know how to make my own. More specifically the polo's I will have to give it a try.
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    I was wondering, do you really want to be an AB? I don't want to discourage you from this side of things (I absolutely love it my self :P), but are you doing this because its the done thing or do you want to try it out because you like the idea of it? :P.

    As for "stuff" I suggest getting a plushy, they're something every AB should have. Great to snuggle, and can really bring out your little side. To find one, just go looking, the one you want will be the one that just cries out for you to buy him (or her) .

    Clothing wise, I think a footed sleeper is a good investment, if you get one that doesn't have too much of a babyish print you can use just as a sleeper (especially if you decided ABhood isn't for you). Personally it makes me feel very little, plus they're warm and practical. I've got the majority of mine from Footed Pajamas - Onesie One Piece Pajamas for Adults,Kids,Baby - Jumpin Jammerz pretty good quality and a very good price . Other ab clothes don't have a dual purpose really, onesies, shortalls, etc are very much baby clothing :P. Also remember one of the cutest ab outfits is just a t-shirt + diaper, uber cute, and free (well, I take it you already possess t-shirts, and diapers :P).

    Other gear, I guess bottles, pacis, toys etc. etc. Most of it can come at a later time.

    I guess, you should just read around the forums here, and just see what people talk about, and what they suggest. Most people won't really give you a definitive answer to what you're seeking, it better to research, read, and take in before making your own decision on the subject.

    Meh guess I should leave it at that

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    Thanks for the response Loopy, I wish I had noticed it earlier when you were on chat.

    To answer your question this is a done thing. I have been moving more and more into the world of AB for a few years now. However the USMC isn't the most prefered environment for ABs or DLs. I did a lot of research into it about 4 years ago and so many of the websites I used to frequent no longer exist or have changed there domain and i haven't tracked them back down.

    A Plushie, I had a found a really cute grey wolf in japan of all places, but once again I had to worry about the Military ramifications.

    Honestly, I know I should just pay attention to the forum but I needed some mind candy quickly. The whole trying to replace the military mindsets and emotional controls means learning a lot of new topics and I figured if i could get a decent starting place the rest will work itself out.

    Thanks again
    Be Well
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