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Thread: Do you remember your first re-diaper?

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    Question Do you remember your first re-diaper?

    The question is do you remember your first re-diaper? Sorry only way I could think of typing it.

    Ill start, mine was when I was about 6 and my mom babysat at the time. I took one of the pull ups from a kid she whatched and hid it in my room untill later that night.

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    my first re-diaper was when i went round my cousins house took a goodnite. i regret stealing it and will NEVER again...

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    Before someone else yells at you, might I recommend you post an introduction in the Greetings section?

    On topic:

    I can't quite say I remember my first time re-diapering, simply because I've been doing it so long. I remember about the time I first started to get back into them. I was very, very young. Probably around 5 years old or so. I'm the oldest of 6, so there have always been diapers around. It was just a matter of getting one while the parents weren't around or sleeping.

    I remember once, when I really really young (somewhere from 5 - 7) I got caught trying to wear one of my brothers' diapers and my parents figured they would punish me by forcing me to wear a diaper. The diapers I had worn, I would throw behind my bed (not 'used', just worn to the point the tapes wouldn't restick). So they figured they would just re-use those by duct taping them on me. (Basically just duct taping around the waste where the tapes would go). Of course, I thought it was great. I didn't see it as a punishment at all.

    I can always remember, from sibling to sibling, wearing their diapers, from huggies to pull ups.

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    Im really sorry about not posting there first, to be honest I was just excited to post a thread and didn't really think of the right place to put it and I don't think I can move it now.

    But for your story that would be an awsome 'punishment', if only they could see you

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    My first "re"-diapering was when I was home alone. (Oh the drama!) I had taken a towel(full-size one) folded it up until it was smaller, then stuffed it down a pair of undies. I tell you, it wasn't a real diaper, but when I flooded it, it was HEAVEN.

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    ok, so i don't remember exactly when it was but it was about 17 maybe 18 years ago. I was visiting my Mom and my cousins were over being babysat by one of our aunts. there was a diaper sitting under a crib and one of my cousins dared me to put it on...needless to say I did and I loved every minute of it.

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    11, I think... It's hard to tell, it's been foooooreeeever!

    My friend was over, and we were outside, sitting around bored. We went into my garage to see what could we possibly get into? Kids, right?
    Well, we opened a drawer and found an old Huggies diaper. Now, I knew I loved diapers from when I was like.. 5. I had dreams of them, and all that good stuff.
    But as soon as I saw that diaper...

    I made up an excuse for that friend to go home.
    Snatched it..
    Ran into my house..
    And had a blast~

    And that is my first time wearing diapers since potty-training.

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    My first was when I was a 12 year old kid doing the summer reading program at the library and I found two diapers in the bathroom. Something intrigued me enough to put them on and I absolutely loved the feeling but then my mom came and I left them there. A couple years later I started regretting not taking those diapers and my desires started to build. I didn't wear diapers after that point until I was able to drive at 16.5 and could get them myself.

    Though the first time I was interested in diapers again when i was between age 5-7 thanks to an incident at daycare involving a jerk staff member. I remember that very clearly...

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    First, to adinaonar that sounds like a great dare and I guess you owe a seceret thanks to your cousin.

    Second, to yoshinori it's nice to know that forever only lasts about 6 Anyways thanks for sharing and keep exploring.

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    ha Remeber This No
    there has been too many ocassions of it to remeber exactly wich one it is or what

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