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Thread: Lalalaaa, I'm awesomee. ! :P

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    Default Lalalaaa, I'm awesomee. ! :P

    Yeshh, I'm using the cheat sheettt. Mostly. :P

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    When you first get to know me, I defff come off shy and quiet, which would be why I have a lurker status here and other forums. :P Buttt, once I become more comfortable around new people, you can't shut me up. ! I'm currently a senior in college and will bring in tons of $$ with my early childhood degree. hah.

    2) What brings you here?

    I'm a DL(duh) and remember having an interest in diapers since 5 or 6 years old. This place is the best forum for DL/TB/AB/IC/etc. of all the others. I wish I found it a while ago rather than searching through the-site-that-shall-not-be-named (Voldermort? :P)

    3) What are your other interests?

    I like sports, especially, soccer. Although, I'm completely athleticly-challenged.
    House is the best show, can't miss an episode.. agree? Music, family and friends are a big part of my lifeee.

    & Yeahh, I made an Introduction. ! :O

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    welcome to the forum and ill grant you temporary awesomness status for the time being :P just kidding, i dont have that power. does anyone really?

    cool what soccer team do you support?

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    Wow, are you really a left-handed guitarist? I always wondered if playing the drums with everything switched around backwards would make me play better, or if I just sucked.

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    Hey, welcome

    You like House too? High-five!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrMcAwesome View Post
    welcome to the forum and ill grant you temporary awesomness status for the time being :P just kidding, i dont have that power. does anyone really?
    What are you talking about? You're MrMcAWESOME -- of course you do, silly :P You just need to give the midichlorians some time to warm up.

    Well, Ms. Lalalaaa, welcome, have fun, and stay awesome. I, too, am a college senior. Ready for the *real* world? >.< Yeah right. At least you have a degree with some immediate market value, unlike yours truly.

    On a side note, re your username, "la la la" is an extremely common imitation of human speech across different cultures, along with "blah blah blah." They're so common, in fact, that the ancients Greeks even turned them into verbs: the former became "laleo," to talk, babble, or prattle on, and the latter became "barbaros," a term for a non-Greek (since all other languages, to the Greek ear, just sound like "Bar bar bar"), from which we get our word, "Barbarian."
    **This quip of useless information was brought to you by slim and his economically useless college education**
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    Welcome to the site Miss Lalala.... It probably was the soccer and guitar that threw him. I looked at your profile, and I thought, early childhood. You must be female! I loved your Voldermort comparison.....very funny. There's no need to be shy on this site. We're all crazy so you might as well join in. Excellent intro, by the way.

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    i require scientific proof of said awesomeness!!

    Welcome :P, MrMcAwesome's question is truely the most important (as long as it isn't Spurs, Red Devils, or Chelsea as they all are terrible teams >.>). What other sports do you watch? Don't worry about not being too athletic, you can always go the opposite root and be a sports nerd (<3 Sabermetrics xD)

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    Hah. Maybe I should of included myy feminine genderrr. :P &Thanks for the nice welcoming everyone. (: Oh&yay 21 year olds.. bar hop with me? :P

    ^Which team is David Beckham on again? Tis that one. hah. I like playing it more.. football is much more entertaining to watch. Patriots. ! (:

    <--Tis David Cook who's the left-handed guitarist/singerrockstar. He's amazing.

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    Soccer is more fun to watch . And at this time, even Beckham probably has no idea what team he is on xD

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