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Thread: Using a foley catheter - can it cause incontinence?

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    Default Using a foley catheter - can it cause incontinence?

    I had once heard extended use of a foley catheter would cause urinary incontinence due the the muscles getting weaker. However, now that I do more research on the matter, I can't find anything or anyone who says that. To the contrary, everything I read suggests extended foley catheter use causes urinary retention (unable to pee and having to rely on a catheter) because the muscles "forget" how to release. Does anyone have any information or experience regarding either of these two scenarios? Thanks

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    While it is your choice to decide to become incontinent, I advise you to think over the negative consequences and try wearing 24/7 for at least 2 months before doing anything to alter your body.

    However, discussing methods to become incontinent, whether you intend to do so or not, is against the rules:

    Quote Originally Posted by Rules!
    Do not promote self-destructive things, like self harm or drug use.
    This includes discussing: Unhealthy or dangerous methods used to 'go' in diapers.
    Discussion of it does not belong here because there is the possibility someone who is young and inexperienced may try some of the advice given without thinking through the consequences.

    Furthermore, you have posted your thread asking how to become incontinent in a forum intended to support those who are medically (e.g. not by choice) incontinent. That's rather insensitive, in my opinion, to ask how to obtain a medical condition in a forum for those who suffer from it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've heard that catheters can cause temporary incontinence since they force open the muscles for long periods of time. It's not that the body "forgets" how to retain urine, it's that the muscles get stretched out and it takes a while before they revert to their original shape. The biggest problem I see with catheters is that it makes one exceedingly vulnerable to infection. There's a reason why the urethra and anus are closed almost all the time -- it's to not only prevent waste from being expelled at the incorrect time, but also to prevent foreign bacteria from entering the body.

    I would highly advise NOT using catheters unless you have a legitimate medical need. 1.) You won't be made permanently incontinent (a fantastically stupid goal anyway), 2.) You leave yourself wide open to infection (and most antibiotics are losing their kick these days).

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    I was not implying the intention to become incontinent or promoting the use of catheters. I am merely trying to find out what other people may have experienced from legitimate or otherwise use of catheters, same as I would on a site completely unrelated to ab/dls. I agree with your assessment that using them can be dangerous and should be avoided unless medically necessary. However, I also believe that as "fantastically stupid" as wanting to be incontinent may seem, it is up to the individual to make that call. I am not promoting catheter use or incontinence, but asking here as place of people who may have experienced use of catheters either due to their incontinence or vise-versa.

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    Well, as the above posters have stated, *if* this thread is about finding ways to make yourself incontinent, then it is against the rules. Since you didn't specifically say that you were interested in trying this, but seem to be merely seeking a conversation on the topic, I'm inclined to let this go for now. Merely discussing what may be a potential risk to a person's well being is not against the rules. This thread isn't necessarily promoting making yourself incontinent, after all...

    I need to know though, if that is where you are going with this. Are you or someone you know using or in need of using a catheter? You list yourself as incontinent on your profile, so I'm wondering: are you partially incontinent and needing to use a device like this, and are therefore afraid of the possible risks?

    I'm just curious to find out what the focus of this thread is going to be, as it does not seem to state any sort of opinion on the matter as it has been worded.

    Edit: Oh, I see you have just answered most of my questions while I was writing.
    While we don't ban people for making themselves incontinent, we *do* have issues with people promoting said actions. It's against the site rules to do so, so bear that in mind as you post here.

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    I'm not intending to pass an opinion, just get a impartial fact check regarding a rumor I believe I heard long ago vs. research I have done online. I did not pose the question to promote it or interest others into trying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightdpr View Post
    As for me, I do use a catheter regularly due to unwanted retention and would not recommend it to others unless they were completely prepared for the consequences. Encouragements/discouragements aside, I believe in having and sharing accurate information regarding the topic, which is the only reason I pose the question. If it runs the risk of being misinterpreted here I would be happy to take it elsewhere, but I do want to avoid "opinions" of people who will substantiate "becoming incontinent due to catheter use" merely because they want it to. Opinions and desires do not expose/cause side-effects, facts do.
    Ah, ok. Well, I am sorry to hear about your condition.

    Discussions like this are actually an okay use of this forum, given the medical nature of the topic on hand. I do not seek to discourage general fact seeking, especially if it is taken from the perspective of medical precaution. I will say though, that even though I don't have a big problem with this topic being here, I do think you'd have a bit better luck asking on a medical site, or seeing your own doctor/specialist. We are not doctors here (in fact, many members are teens), so any advice you get here would be best taken with a grain of salt, given the source.

    That all said, I hope you are able to find the answers you seek.

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