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    Default This is me.

    I've been in and out of nappies for over 10 years and have been wearing 24/7 since March 2010 and loving being padded more every day. I still get a buzz from slipping out of a used diaper and into a clean fresh one. I always wear plastic pants over my diapers. My only regret so far is I didn't go 24/7 long ago. I just love the feelings of security, comfort, warmth and liberation. The more I wear the more I am needing to wear. Over the past year I have noticed a decline in my bladder capacity and my ability to hold off from wetting, I guess I'm heading towards incontinence, but hey I'm in a diaper so why worry. It started as a fetish but had grown into something more than that now, its more or less a way of life. Being diapered is just normal and natural. Incontinence is a big turn on especially if it's Intentional and the guy has or is working towards diaper dependence, but wearing and enjoying wearing and using are horny too. My nappy is almost always wet within a few minutes of changing. I sometimes soil too. Primarily I'm a DL but AB maybe fun to try too with the right guy. I also have a big interest (fetish) for gear, rubber and leather and still get a huge turn-on from being in a nappy under gear

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    Welcome to ADISC =)

    Your introduction doesn't seem to fit the thread title. You've told us a lot about one side of you, certainly, but I'm sure, like everybody else here, you're not one-dimensional. Unfortunately, being into diapers doesn't make you unique here, and in fact, you could say it's a little boring! We like to get to know our new members a little better. =)

    How would you introduce yourself if you weren't into diapers? What other hobbies or interests do you have? What are your ambitions in life? You don't necessarily have to answer those questions, but I'm sure you get the idea!

    I look forward to learning a bit more about you. If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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