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Thread: I apologize :(

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    Default I apologize :(

    hi guys! I've been looking over some posts of mine, and I've realized that there have been a few instances where I've been a little less than truthful, mean,
    and somewhat of a flamer. i really want to be forgiven and hope you will forgive me, so i give my most sincere apologies to everyone. please forgive me. goodbye.

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    It's the internet, man. An infantilist forum. It's okay if the fish you caught wasn't that long!

    Negative 3 rep is nothing! Lemme tell yoo. Okay well fine then, don't let me.

    Just be honest and keep the flaming to sarcasm levels and you will someday truly be mrDLsuper. Right now you are mrdllame. Fixable!

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    Haha, basically what Point Blanch said above.

    As long as you keep the flaming down to a minimal, and you don't go out of your way to flame someone then it's all good.

    Having -3 Rep isn't that much of a biggie. It just means a few people decided they didn't like you much(More people use the rep system for wrong than for good) or you didn't have the same views they did. Many simply exploit the rep system and make the person feel as though they aren't welcome, which isn't true in the slightest.

    And as long as the 'being less than truthful' part isn't deal-breaking(Saying you are 17 when you're actually 28) then it's not that big of a deal.
    Saying things like "I live in Japan! Saying that about my culture absolutely disgusts me!" when you live in Florida isn't entirely bad. Sure, you'll bother/annoy a few, but it's not like it matters when the whole picture is put into play.

    But, for the sake of everyone, you are forgiven. Take it easy, be cool and all will be well. You're welcome here, buddy.

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    thanks guys! i know -3 isn't a biggie, but i got a message saying I've been set moderated due to low rep. i just thought apologizing might fix it.
    anyway, thanks for forgiving me guys! *hugs Point Blanch and KuroMiles*

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    I think people around here can be a little hard on new people they deem "flamers" because they want to "nip it in the bud," as it were. Get the person so neg-repped they can't dig their way out of the hole and eventually either give up or get censored by a mod.

    A board can have too many assholes, but there has to be balance. -grin-

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