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    So I was at the store today, and I was in the baby aisle (I always have to go down that aisle). I was grocery shopping so I was looking at the baby food. The only baby food I have ever liked is the Gerber step 3 sweet potatoes. But yesterday, I was more interested in snacks for toddlers. I got some of the Gerber cereal snacks, the sweet potato flavor. I also got some of the wildberry fruit strips.

    The sweet potato cereal snacks are ok, but the fruit strips are AMAZING! They are just a little fruit leather. And they are better for you than a fruit rollup.

    Anybody else tried any of the Gerber toddler snacks?

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    I haven't but very curious about them. The toddler snacks looked good to me but I always thought the other baby food might be gross. But maybe someday I will be brave enough to try them also.

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    I'm trying the banana/vanilla toddler yogurt tomorrow, and as for the yogurt meltaways they are deeeelish! I recommend.
    I'm also very curious about the little toddler meals also of the graduate variety. They're so cute and look tasty ^_^

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    I, too, like the yogurt meltaways and I like the freeze-dried fruit.... I agree about the cereal puffs not being great... I'd rather eat Cheerios... which technically can be a "toddler" snack. I haven't tried to fruit strips but will have to eventually!

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