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Thread: Hello (I know it's long but please read the whole thing.)

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    Default Hello (I know it's long but please read the whole thing.)

    Hello people of ADISC. Allow me to introduce myself.....ahem...I am new to the whole *B scene, but am interested in the lifestyle. I am mostly a furry with a slight babyfur side. I've never opened up this side of me to any one, so forgive me for being nervous and shy. I am 14 (soon to be 15 next month), in person I am antisocial, on the internet I am a social butterfly, I like symphonic metal, I have long hair, I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and a mild case of Turrets syndrome (though you might not be able to tell). Now before you start thinking I'm all messed up in the head let me tell you that I'm usually a calm but very talkative on first impression. As for why I joined this site......well.....*takes deep breath*.....I like to sometimes roleplay as my cub self when I'm alone.
    Now to introduce my Babyfur self:

    Name: Xedon
    Age: 1.5
    Species: Spirit Wolf
    Fur Color: White with black markings on face, chest and tail
    Personality: Curious, kind of shy, a little timid, cute, caring,
    and powerful!
    Description: A cub you probably shouldn't anger unless you want to go home carted out in your granny's hand basket, in more than one piece! Not to be underestimated as he will tell you himself, "Not cute, deadwy!" But otherwise he is an adventurous and kind little cub. But in combat he has many abilities. He can use magic very well and is extremely fast. His most powerful ability is when he can conjure and control multiple swords telepathically at once. He usually controls about 15 at once, but he can expand the number up to 1000! he has never had to use that many however and only uses that ability (which is known as Sword Storm) when needed.

    Whew.... it's finally done. Well... That's me. If you have any Questions about me/my fursona or just wnt to talk to me, shoot me a message.

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    Hello Shadow Spirit.

    Nah, you're perfectly normal. I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with you at all! There are plenty of friendly baby furs around so you'll find lots of posts on the topic and about them.

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    Hey shadowspirit9, welcome to ADISC.

    I don't think you need to worry too badly about fitting in here. I tend to appreciate a sense of timidness when it comes to forum activity, especially when you're a minor, because it indicates to me that you are likely the kind of member who investigates a place before joining, reads the rules and takes a look around before assuming they know how to blend. Personally, I think you're off to a great start with a quality intro here. I wouldn't be too worried about the size either. The only times I don't care for a long introduction post is when it is either overtly descriptive of sexual stuff (not appreciated or allowed on a forum with minors) or is just a fantasy story that is better suited for the story forum than being posted as though it was the truth in the introductions forum.

    I wouldn't worry about people chastising you for having disabilities on here. There are a ton of members on here with disabilities, and flaming of that nature (or any nature really) is not allowed. I, myself, am disabled with a very common, yet often unheard of, neurological condition known currently as Sensory Processing Disorder. At least 50 percent of people with ADHD are also believed to have that on top of it. My brother has ADD, my mom has ADHD, and many of my best friends have ADHD; you won't get a hard time from me at all. You're more likely to have my understanding and sympathy.

    Also, one thing I've learned through college level psychology courses is that genuine 'antisocial' behavior generally indicates a personality disorder that would be marked by extreme aggression and constant troubles with authorities (hence the anti-society labeling). I find it annoying when people use that term against people like us, who genuinely do want to have friends, but are either too shy, overloaded by a chaotic environment, or are not sure how to make or keep a friendship working. I say this because I feel that much closer fits a description of you, I would bet. For us, my best recommendation is generally to get active online! So, you are already doing that, which I'm sure has helped you out tremendously. All my best friends I have met online. I have very few friends outside the web, lol.

    Anyhow, welcome to ADISC. I hope you enjoy your time here, and feel free to hop in anywhere. We're a generally accepting and clingy bunch, so I'm sure you'll be well received.

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    You're a bit like me, shadowspirit, and I'm still nervous too. I'm bipolar, adhd, and schizoid, and also mostly furry with a bit of cub in me too, so don't worry, I'm messed up too, we'll be buddies

    Also, I'm long-haired and a metalhead too :p

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    Hehaho, stick around with ADISC and you will make some great friends I think.

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