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Thread: Need help finding AB/DL clothing.

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    Default Need help finding AB/DL clothing.

    I already have a custom made footed sleeper that I got from Hannah's Pajammas, and I love it to death. But that's all I've got.

    I've got such a strong urge to wear a onesie and to try out cloth diapers but don't know where to begin.

    All the stores in the Wiki are either European based and too expensive, or don't have anything that interests me as far as styles go. I'm looking on eBay (looking through Big Baby Boutique mostly) and found a few onesies that I like but don't really know about the sizing (I'm 6 foot 1 inch, 175-180 lbs., 32-36 inch waist. Not entirely certain on my waist size anymore).

    Cloth Diapers:
    I don't even know where to begin. I'm not sure what I'm looking for or even how they work. Not sure if I even understand the appeal of them other than being cute, comfy, and quiet (which is really why I want one). Again, the UK based sites are really expensive and I'm afraid to buy anything from them because I don't know if I'm even getting what I really want.
    Medium size of all the disposable brands I've tried fit very nicely (Bambinos, Cushies, SuperDryKids, and Abu's super sampler)
    I'm sorta eying up this one.
    Any recommendations for someone that's never looked at them before?

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    Contrary to what you're saying, buying overseas from a UK professional seamstress may provide diapers of better quality, than an Ebay based seamstress. The one you pointed out is very cute, and will probably suit your needs, but I'm not sure what the quality would be like. I know that with actual companies, they guarantee their products, while being more expensive. It'd be a shame to have an Ebay cloth diaper fall apart after 6 washes...

    In the end, it's your call.

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    Hey, what happened to my post from earlier?!

    Guess I'll post it again:
    I don't doubt the quality of overseas products one bit. I'm worried about buyer's remorse. I don't want to pay the premium for a product and get something that I wasn't quite expecting. The problem is that I don't know squat about cloth diapers. I want to know about things like how they fit, how they work, velcro vs. pins, materials, liners, absorbency, all in ones, etc.

    As for eBay, I always look closely at the seller's history and feedback before purchasing anything. I went ahead and put a bid on the Cloth Diaper from earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starryideas View Post
    Please contact me I can help you with custom clothes.

    Ok...I just looked through all of your posts, and all but one are asking people to contact you and you'll make them clothes. It looks to me like you are advertising. However, ADISC is not a business place, it's a support community. We are not here to give you additional customers. Also, asking people to contact you outside of the public forum is against the rules, since this is a 13+ site. While you may not have any intention of contacting minors here, we do not know for sure what someone is up to and therefore prohibit such posts in case someone comes here with the intention of contacting minors for illegal activities.

    May I recommend you read the rules and post an introduction in the introduction and greeting forum? Here's a helpful guide in case you aren't sure what to put in your introduction.
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    As for cloth diapers, try I recommend flat square diapers, as you can fold them and layer them to your preference. Also, you couldn't buy the fabric to make flat square diapers for what they charge. Read up on a couple of different folds and try them out. I personally recommend the kite fold, which is a bit harder to find info on, but totally awesome!.

    As for onesies, adultclothdiaper sells very basic generic ones, but they're only mediocre. I like them for work undershirts, but that's about all. I recommend ebay. First, go to the crafts section of your favorite big box or craft supply store and buy a flexible tape measure. Use it to take measurements of your chest, waist, hip, collarbone to center of your crotch, and the point of your shoulderblade to the center of your crotch. Make all measurements while wearing the thickest diaper you'd normally wear. Use those measurements to assure you get something that fits.

    Good luck!

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    look at still in the U.K. but not ovely priced and fast too.

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    I can recommend They're at the pricier end the spectrum, but the quality is top notch.
    And to help with the price, they've got an advent calendar thingy on their front page with a different offer each day!
    Hope this helps

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    All great finds, all so expensive. But I guess that's a given with specialty clothing.

    All the sites seem geared for sissies (which I'm not particularly interested in). I wish there were more pics of boys wearing this stuff. I guess beggers can't be choosers.

    Might be a good idea for Adisc or the Wiki to include reviews of AB clothing sites. There were a few sites listed, but it's far from comprehensive (and I know too little to try and do it myself).
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