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Thread: Hi Everyone!

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    Default Hi Everyone!

    Just A Curious Mind Seeking to Know More.

    Been in the AB/DL scene for almost 10 years

    Mostly DL, Some AB tendencies

    Enjoy learning from others

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    Quote Originally Posted by diastl View Post
    Just A Curious Mind Seeking to Know More.
    Ah yes. This is the bane of life, eh? :P

    Welcome to the site! It's awesome that you are able to open up to us like that. It sure is difficult to meet new people, even if it is online.

    Can you tell us about yourself? Got any hobbies? Play any vidya gaems? There's a lot of us on here who are real computer and game nerds... maybe you can relate? Do you know of any zany perks about yourself that makes you, you?

    You are most definitely bound to meet great friends on ADISC. Read some posts and stalk some profiles

    Take care, and I look forward to hearing more from you! :P

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