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Thread: Finally! The Secret to Diaper Fuel Has Been Discovered!

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    Default Finally! The Secret to Diaper Fuel Has Been Discovered!

    Japan made this amazing machine for converting used diapers into fuel pellets!

    YouTube - SFD

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    Wow, something like that would almost seem too good to be true.

    But, if it proves to be feasible, in a way, it's like a self sustaining energy source! Need more heat for your home to stay warm during the winter? Just wear diapers all the time, run them through the SFD machine, and throw the pellets into a heating device designed for them. Kind of like having a wood burning stove with an unlimited supply of free wood. It's a great excuse to wear diapers!

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    i dont think using diapers as are a sustainable energy source.
    diapers by themselves coast many water, trees and oil and by burning them they still pollute. Thats just a way of lowering solid waste but you are just burning prime matter. Diapers are a waste of natural resources.

    not to offend anyone, im a DL but i can't ignore the truth.

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    This is actually quite a brilliant idea.
    Diapers take up a huge amount of space. Leave it to the Japanese to make something incredible like this.

    And Tyron, I imagine we know how diapers are a horrific scourge on the environment and how we should be eaten by orcas because we use them (=P)... but the thing about this is that it takes something that would normally be sitting in a landfill and taking up massive amounts of space and it turns them into an energy source - not only a way to get rid of them effectively, but an energy source as well. Like wood pellets. And I've got a wood pellet stove right in front of me as we type.

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    This would be great for school buildings, our school uses a lot of energy with its lights (some of wich are on 24/7) and its less than half a mile from the dump. Just imagine all the places we can use it. Even better idea, make a vehicle that can burn those instead of burning oil.

    edit: This does suck in a way. I wanted to make a way to do that.

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    The vehicle would need to be steam powered, Cavemans. >.>

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    Diapers take thousands of years to break down. And they may even take longer!

    Sure, burning the diapers produces some pollution, and creating the diapers uses resources. But, think of it this way:
    By turning used diapers into energy sources, you're helping the environment. Fossil fuels could be burned to make your energy,(Not everyone is lucky enough for a clean energy source) or nuclear energy could be used, creating waste.

    You're cutting down on waste produced by nuclear energy, if that is what is used.
    You're cutting down on pollution by not having fossil fuels burned for your energy, if that is what is used.
    And you're cutting down on the space used diapers takes up in landfills!

    It seems to pay for itself, not in material value, ($$$) but in cleanliness value.

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    This might actauly be great for diaper companys to. If you think about it the energy saved from the diapers would be a large amount so would the money that would be saved. People might start buying diapers so they can get fuel.

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    I really doubt that. That would be silly.
    I imagine that the fuel gleaned isn't more efficient than the comparable fuel pellets. Even if it were, it would be awkward, inefficient, and wasteful. This is just a way to use waste constructively, I think. A recycling process. I'm sure simply buying them for fuel wouldn't be cost-effective at all.

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