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    Has anyone heard of Vindictus?

    It promotes itself as an MMO that uses real world physics.

    Impressive programing if it lives up to it and being free to play to boot may be worth a look.

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    Hasn't every game since Half-Life 2 claimed to use "Real World Physics"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    Hasn't every game since Half-Life 2 claimed to use "Real World Physics"?
    the thing about Vindictus is that it's built on the source engine. Meaning, the physics will be just like the ones in Garry's Mod which aren't all that realistic, but it's still the best I played around with.

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    It's a fun game, but I think it's way too limiting on customization. I mean, call me gender-insecure if you want, but why can't I play a male magician?

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    To be honest, when I first saw the Valve logo pop up on the trailer, I HAD to try this out.
    I mean, sure, I freakin' HATE Nexon, but its a Source game.
    And on that note, it is AWESOME.

    Aside from the fact that it is really lacking in customization, it has the potential to be one of the best MMO's ever made.
    Not joking.
    I hope this game gets really popular, so it can expand a whole lot.

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