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Thread: You only get one shot, you only got one shot to blow... This opportunity comes once in a lifetime!

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    Default You only get one shot, you only got one shot to blow... This opportunity comes once in a lifetime!

    If you had one dream... one dream and one dream only to live, and what would it be? Mine, I would LOVE to be driving a California Highway Patrol cruiser. I wonder, if you had a chance to live one dream... One chance, one opportunity in your lifetime? What would it be?


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    I would love to serve my country as a member of the Navy SEALs or some other elite force(Rangers, Green Berets, Marine Scout/Sniper). Yes, I am aware they only take males.

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    I would help several people around the world, those who suffer in there anger and depression. When I'm done with that I would like to walk on a narrow path that has a narrow gate and this path leades to a utopia (perfect world).

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    Footed P.J.


    For years, I've felt I would love to take a trip to Linkoping , a small, old city in Sweden of about 100,000. I follow a women's soccer team there, Linkopings FC , with a goalkeeper from the national team whose blog I have followed for a long time. They also have a men's pro team, in maybe the third division or so. I don't know too much about the city, besides that it seems to be SAAB headquarters. Yay. But by the pics it looks like a lovely, easy to navigate town. And they speak SWEDISH there, the awesomest language ever! :p

    It would just be a fun city to take a whole bunch of pics in as well. I've been missing photography. Not that I have mad skillz, but that's not stopped me. Woo!
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    I would like to drive a Top Fuel or a Funny Car, under full power and set a national record that wouldn't be touched for years, of course you have to make 3 runs to set a record.

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    I would love to go on a ride along with the garbage man on his route through the city.

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    I would go to Connecticut and see the nineteen-year-old girl I have a crush on.
    My life fails. *sigh*

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    Well, I alway wanted to be a wrestler and hold the WWE Championship, World Championship, ECW Championship, and the TNA World Championship all at onces.

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    It's a toss-up between driving for the Ferrari Racing Team or being a Navy SEAL. Each hold their own appeal. One, I would get to drive some of the best cars in the world. Two, I would get to shoot some of the best weapons in the world and serve my country.

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    Only one? Perhaps that I'd one day wake up and be healthy and well? I dunno.

    One dream? I guess it'd be to make a real difference in the world, even if I'm not remembered for it. To be remembered though...That'd be an idealic coincidence.

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