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Thread: My glorious introduction ;)

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    Default My glorious introduction ;)

    Well, I've decided to finally join the ADISC community. I've been involved in a few other AB/DL communities elsewhere online, but have really started to warm up to this one. So I decided to join, introduce myself, hope for the best and see what happens.
    First, the basic "diaper stuff," which I'm sure you're all dying to hear. I'm a 24 year old Male who is AB/DL with some mild tendancies towards the sissy aspect of things. I'd say I'm about 65% DL and 35% AB. I don't see myself as a baby, but I certainly enjoy the comfort and relaxation aspects of regression. I love pacifiers, onesies, and printed diapers as well as wetting my diapers. However, I'm not to crazy about messing in them. I'm sure there are some other things I could ramble on about, but we can get to those later.
    So now onto the "real" adult me. Like I said I'm a 24 year old Male. I also happen to be a college student (Biology major) at a small college in Southern Utah. Living in Southern Utah has some huge drawbacks when it comes to the LGBT and/or AB/DL scene, but I try to make the best of my situation and get as involved as I can be. When I'm not buried in textbooks or writing up huge lab reports, I like to do prety normal "college aged" stuff. I LOVE indie music, and I try (somewhat unsucsessfully) to play some of my own on the bass guitar. I'm a total foodie! I love to watch cooking shows, especially ones based on ethnic foods, and I'm an aspiring amatuer chef. I, or course, also love to hang out with friends and share a good conversation over a nice cup of coffee, beer, or glass of wine, all of which are hard to find in Utah.
    Finally, I feel as though I should mention exactly what or who I'm hoping to find here. Essentially I'm just looking to make connections. Connections with "like minded" people who understand this unique lifestlye, who can share advice and ideas, and with whom I can feel a little more normal. So if I sound at all intersting you you, feel free to drop me a line, say hey, or whatever.
    Take Care!

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    What a great introduction!

    You're a bio major, eh? My friend is as well, and he thinks it's great. I'm a big foodie myself. Food's awesome, and it's a very social thing.

    Well, it's great that you know how you relate to the AB/DL community, even right down to the percentages. Good work :P

    Well, if you want to make connections, you've joined the right community. There are many people here with similar interests; it's what makes us close. It takes a lot of guts to open up to a bunch of different people, and I congratulate you on that.

    Welcome to ADISC, and take care, yourself

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    I really enjoy cooking as well! I've wanted to be a chef for the longest time but figured it wasn't the most financially stable job unless i became amazing at cooking.

    Do u prefer baking or cooking?

    If cooking, whats ur favorite meal to cook for?

    Mine's dinner. Always has and always will be. I like to cook en masse for my family and making 3-5 course meals at dinner allows me the opportunity to do that. plus I'm not a big fan of breakfast foods and I've always considered lunch an on-the-go kind of meal.

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    Welcome to ADISC, teddybeartommy. Beautiful intro (great way to start here).
    You should have no trouble fitting in here. I know what you mean by the difficulties of living and attending university in a small conservative area - I went to a University in eastern Washington State (Ellensburg, Washington). It had the reputation of being a cow town!

    College years were awesome to me. I was always cooking gourmet/international ethnic foods in my dorm room in my electric aluminum popcorn popper (pre-crock-pot era). Everyone in the dorm would line up for samples when I cooked. Not too much competition though from the dining hall food most had to endure.

    Latest creation: Homemade pumpkin pie (baked from scratch - after Halloween pumpkins) with a spiced streusel topping, drizzled with fresh cranberry marmalade and topped with whipped cream.

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    Thank you all for your replies! This has been by far the "warmest" reception recieved in any AB/DL community that I've investigated! Now to answer some of the questions.
    @Bigkid25, I much prefer to cook rather than bake. I have a pretty fond amiration of any asain food. Lately I've been experimenting with vietnameese style rice noodle dishes. However, my specialty is Thai style curry dishes.
    @Diaperedrabbit That pumkin pie sound delicious! and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that's had to suffer through a po-dunk town college.
    @jimini thanks for the warm welcome!

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