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    I've watched this clip way too many times. Did any Brits catch this when it aired?

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    In between writing papers and studying, I've been pondering this video.

    Do you think it's even authentic to begin with? Obviously, it's not as if thousands of people are jumping at the chance to "fake" being weird on (inter)national TV, right? That pacifier looks too small for an adult female, albeit a petite one, to suck on comfortably, though. The general production just makes it seem forced, which I'm sure it is, to an extent.

    If it is "real," do you think it's enough to label her as an AB? Obviously, this distinction ultimately depends on whether or not the individual identifies as such, but what you all think?

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    I think it's real, I don't think faking scenes and passing them off in true is so much the norm in the UK as it is in the US. For example, in American versions of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Wifeswap and Super Nanny a big warning comes on the screen at the beginning to warn us that, unlike the British versions, some scenes have been set-up for entertainment purposes.

    There are enough weird people out there for the BBC to find people willing to go on TV and talk about it without needing to pay actors/actresses to pretend to have weird habits. I don't see why the girl would fake it just to get on TV as it's not the kind of thing you want people to believe about you if it's not true, and a little online research showed that the people who appeared on the BBC program only had their expenses covered, and were not otherwise paid.

    Of course just because she probably does truly use a dummy doesn't mean it's not exaggerated. Unless she's been very lucky her teeth just look too nice for constant dummy-use throughout her life, but maybe a habit that she actually indulges in a few times a week or only when she's feeling sad/sleepy etc was blown up on TV to be a habit she has to run into changing rooms for a quick suck to satisfy her habit. As someone who does use a dummy every night and around the house I find the idea of needing to go somewhere for a 5-minute suck strange. When I want my dummy I want it for longer than 5 minutes, that wouldn't satisfy me at all. But perhaps it is true and that is all she needs.

    As for the dummy looking too small. That kind of dummy (the round cherry-teated one) are the sorts of dummies that were common when she would have been a real baby. If she has been using a dummy all her life, it stands to reason that she would still be using the same sort of dummy as she used as a baby/toddler, as that's what she 'd be used to using. She would have grown-up using that kind of dummy, and because growing is a gradual process she wouldn't have noticed her dummy gradually seeming smaller in her mouth. In fact, the fact that the dummy she is using is a baby dummy, and not something specialised like a NUK5, kind of confirms to me that it is a habit she's grown up with, and not something she stumbled upon as a teen/adult. Someone rediscovering a love for dummies may be far more likely to type 'adult dummy' into google and find links to the NUK 5 than someone who just happens to have never given one up, but doesn't have any interest in them outside of personal use.

    And a baby dummy can be comfortable - I am an adult female and I use Mam6+ dummies, designed for babies. I have a Nuk 5 and it is too big, I don't like it. I have been using baby dummies for about 10 years now, and so I am used to them. A large dummy like the Nuk 5 just feels alien to me. Out of my 220 dummies only 1 is designed for adults, the others are all for babies, and I can use the majority of them comfortably and without feeling like they're too small. When it comes to something like a dummy size is, largely, a preference. I don't like having a dummy that takes up my whole mouth, like the nuk5, as it feels obtrusive. For others that's what they want, but I certainly wouldn't say a small dummy can't be sucked on comfortably by an adult, because in my personal experience it certainly can be.

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