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Thread: Blankies?

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    Default Blankies?

    Anyone else like me, who has a blankie they still sleep with? I can't sleep without mine.


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    Same here, I've always had mine, never sleep without it.

    You can see it in this pic:

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    I don't, but I still have two blankies that my grandma made for me when I was a baby.

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    I have a blankey...I don't still use it though, but I know where it is...

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    I also have one, since I was a baby...I don't normally sleep with it, but I did last night because I was upset.

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    well I do not have my blankie anymore, it was given to my little sister when I was five. though I always have to have a blankie around the house. Infact a am making one right now. I keeep my blankie forsnuggling about the house, and our babies for sleeping. The bed is full between Df, Floppy, Teddy, and myself

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    Never had one so don't feel the need to have one. I do know someone with one which I thought was a little strange. There could be more behind this blankie business.

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    I'm with Delta here - I'm a plushies guy. Never had a favorite blanket and don't see the need to get one now. The best I can do is my Blues Clues pillow - plushie and pillow in one.


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    I am more of a plushie person myelf than a blankie!!

    I have about 7 I cuddle up with when I sleep!! One for every night of the week!!

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    I sleep with it every night...very huggable

    It's actually funny, I slept with it from when I was a baby 'til age 11 or 12 and put it in storage. Then I brought it back out about 6 months ago and have been sleeping with it since...

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