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    So lately and mostly when stressed I find that when I cough or throw up I also release a bit of urine, not much normally doesn't show up on my outer clothes, but sometimes it does, but I can usually put something long on and I wear dark jeans so I'm able to hide it pretty easily. Should I be worried or do you think I'm relatively fine, I've debated buying pads, I don't think I need a full diaper but, last night I was walking to class I had to cough and I felt a huge spurt of pee come out luckily I was wearing a coat that went past my knees so I didn't take off the coat.

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    I should also mention that I sometimes get urges out of no where, and I'm not sure that it's i had to go earlier but forgot and now all of sudden i remember and I have to go now. Also I live with room mates. so I don't want to buy diapers, because I don't want to explain to them that a.) I sort of like diapers b.) I sometimes piss myself a little. I feel pads would be easier to hide.

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    You are actually describing two different things here. Stress incontinence does not refer to mental stress, but to physical stress. The coughing would be a physical stress (also examples would be sneezing, sometimes laughing). These actions put physical stress on the muscles of the bladder causing them to contract and some urine is released.

    The other thing you are referring to is urge incontinence. This is when you get a sudden urge, which is also a sudden contraction of the bladder. Most bladder control medications are made for this because they help to relax the bladder muscles. Other medications, like DDAVP, work differently by making the kidneys reabsorb water, thereby decreasing urine output.

    Either way, both of the conditions you described can be treated by various methods. You should seek medical attention if you have concerns about this.

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    As a sidenote, how are you puking so much that you've had time to notice a correlation? That doesn't sound good at all. Have you been to a doctor?

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