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Thread: Hey all Quantum Suicide? Not what you think

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    Default Hey all Quantum Suicide? Not what you think

    Hey all not sure if this goes here of in off topic but I'm putting it here any mods out there switch it or delete it if yuh need to.

    Ok about a month ago I was chatting with my brother and he brought up this theory called quantum suicide. Its a really cool theory. Google it for proper descripion and all that good stuff but basicly its a theory that we never actually die except for old age. that every time you die your consiusness just splinters into another reallity. It seems logical and yet total bs at the same time. IT'S AMAZING lol. I'm not gonna posting all the juicy stuff becouse well some stuff might be a little to mature for some readers even though its in the mature thread and I don't want anyone actually trying to prove the theory currect ( due to only one way to find out factor ) but seriusly look it up and post what you make of it.

    I just thought it was an interesting theory and that maybe some like minded joes out there would like to chat about it.

    Once again I'm just stateing the theory and its not my personal views so please no rude remarks towords any posters or myself for discussing the theory ( I'm sure no one will but I believe it nessasary to remind everyone )

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    Oh yea sorry between my rambleing and the whole theory if you looked it up yea big headache.

    Me rambling was prolly enough haha

    The whole thing is confuseing I can't even begin to grasp it. My mind is doing flips trying to get ahold of the tiniest part of it but I'm hopeing people with a bit better intelegence and understanding can help me with that lol

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    Interesting fantasy, but in truth nothing more than mental masturbation.

    Burrough's John Carter got to Mars via this sort of device, I used something like it in my story 'Vince' on this board.

    I had a lot of trouble getting through Philosophy in College because after reading every paragraph in the texts I leapt from my chair screaming "This is a complete load of crap! Why am I reading this?", which is a philosophical conundrum in and of itself.

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    Branching universe theory, yes and no. If we do believe that for every possible choice (realistically atomic states) there is a corresponding universe, then yes if you die in this universe you're still alive in an infinite number of universes. However you're also already infinitely dead, and in fact the proportion of universes where you are not dead is infinitessimally small.

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    1. Your text is painful to read. I have difficulty reconciling the fact that you are 21 with the quality of text presented.
    2. I'm not certain how this could be useful--it's a lot like arguing God in that it's ultimately neither provable nor falsifiable, and can be used to create circular arguments.

    Even if true (see #2), shifting between states/consciousnesses becomes intractably difficult. Most people in the world today have a difficult enough time with simple concepts governed by simple rules (see #1).

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    H3g3l, all you need is a naquahdah-laced quantum mirror and associated remote control.

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    This is a taught experiment, not a theory... Essentially, its just Schrödinger's cat from the cat's point of view, which itself is just a taught experiment to show a perceived contradiction in the Copenhagen interpretation of the uncertainty principle.

    Actually, I'll talk about Schrödinger's cat just for fun. Assume you have a cat, a gun and a random number generator, all sealed in an isolated box (there is no way to see, hear, smell, touch or taste anything inside the box without opening it). The random number generator will at some point hit a pre-defined number, at which time the gun will be triggered and the cat killed. The idea is that, following the Copenhagen interpretation, at the point where the odd that the gun fired is equaled to the odd that the gun didn't fire, the cat would be equally dead and alive. In fact, the cat would be part dead and part alive, becoming progressively more dead as the odds that the gun fired increase. When we chose to open the box, the system's wave function would collapse and we'd be left with a cat that is either dead or alive.

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    Hello superposition.

    Of course, that is a very simplistic view, given that the cat is capable of observing itself...

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    Can we go back to the 4 elements and bloodletting? It was so much simpler back then : (

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