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Thread: There's a good chance my nephew is an infantalist

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    Default There's a good chance my nephew is an infantalist

    This brings up a whole slew of issues. For one, my 11 year old nephew already has serious problems in school (they're ready to boot him) and my sister and her husband have major parenting issues (read: they have major trouble with it). On top of all this, I've recently observed infantalist behaviors in him, leading me to believe he could be a TB/AB one day.

    Exhibit A. Four years ago, while my sisters family was visiting us, she caught him wearing his younger brothers pull-ups. She knows I wear diapers and have AB-like tendencies and I briefly spoke to her about this incident. We agreed that it was an isolated incident, but we have not spoken about it since.

    Exhibit B. Last week, while visiting them during the holiday, I watched him go crazy over a bottle of water that to him resembled a baby bottle. He kept saying he liked it because it reminded him of a baby bottle and sucking on it like mad.

    There have been a few other minor incidents where he has mentioned the word "diaper" in a dramatic way, and, of course, I noticed because I'm ultra-sensitive to that word. Maybe I'm being over-the-top here?

    He acts very young for his age (as do all my sisters boys) and he's already got some high hurdles to jump over. I didn't choose to be a incontinent, diaper wearing, infantalist and I certainly don't wish it on anyone else. Not that it's the end of the world, it's just another issue that most of us have had to grappled with. He has so many other problems right now that it's probably way too much to bring this up, but if he actually is an infantalist, it would be the first generational example in my family (there are many incontinent and diaper wearing examples in my family due to inherited disorders, but to my knowledge no other AB's).

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    Well I don't know but tat could be a sign, definitely with a guy liking those things. That doesn't happen often. I mean I know there are more males into this than females... but generally a boy tries to be masculine even at a very young age.

    On the flip side, boys are very immature for their age anyways. Most people recommend a woman marrying an older man not to be dominated but because they are usually 2 years for every year young maturity wise than a woman.

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    Could be he's just mimicking his siblings behaviours. Him wearing the pull-up might have been in the interest of harmless curiosity.

    I expect most of us figured this out for ourselves sooner or later. Wouldn't bring it up.
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    Age 11 might be somewhat age appropriate for this behavior, especially as he moves toward puberty. It could be something he would outgrow. I'm sure there are different reasons for similar shared behaviors. It will be interesting to see how he behaves several years from now. Sometimes acting like a baby and wanting to do babyish things is just a sign of extreme immaturity, and as we all know, it's sometimes a sign of infantilism.

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    He's an attention grabber, no doubt about it. Although, I don't think I've ever met any 11 year olds who called attention to themselves by doing babyish things like he does. There's undoubtedly a lot going on that I don't know about. His family (my sister) lives about 9 hours drive from us, so I don't see them much, usually only twice a year.

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    He's 11 now but 4 years ago when he was caught in a pull-up would mean he was 7. To be honest I have seen children that young playing with diapers before. I notice "tb-dl" behaviour in lots of younger people but I just mainly put it down to my sensitivity to the subject. My own sister when she was 9 or 10 asked for them when she was ill. I think maybe we notice it more because it is such a big part of our lives. I could be wrong of course and he may well turn out to be a dl, who knows?


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    if he DOES end up being a TB/DL, then would u talk to him about it for support and maybe eventually baby him or r u just slightly curious to the whole situation?

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    Is there a chance he knows about you and somehow wants you as a role model?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigKid25 View Post
    if he DOES end up being a TB/DL, then would u talk to him about it for support and maybe eventually baby him or r u just slightly curious to the whole situation?
    I would hope he would provide support but most certainly not baby him.

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    i feel the same, however to each his own if they both decide that babying him would be a great way to regress and relieve stress (not to mention bond). idk. personally this isn't something i'd wanna share with any of my relatives let alone have them partake in it with me lol

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