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Thread: Hey, Newish here... Just thought I'd say hi!

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    Default Hey, Newish here... Just thought I'd say hi!

    Hi all, Im a 29 year old male from Cardiff (Wales, UK). I'm more of a DL than a AB, but do enjoy some AB stuff especially through role reversal when I'm the Daddy.

    I will probably get flamed for this as it's generally not accepted, but I'm a Switch and equally enjoy all aspects of it either way around.

    Would be nice to speak to likeminded people .

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    Hi Dale,

    Great to have another person from the UK joining us, and even better that you're from Wales. Yay!!! Wyt ti'n siarad Cymraeg? Rydw i'n siarad tymyd fach, on dwi ddim yn fluentio. Dydw i'n ddim yn byw yn Cymru nawr achos rydw i'n am uni yn Lloegr, ond fy rhienni yn byw yn y de-orllewin, am dau neu tri awr or Caerdydd.

    Anyway, as you can tell my Welsh is not great so I shall revert back to English! So, aside from being into the AB/DL lifestyle, what other things do you enjoy in your regular life? We talk about all things outside of nappies here, so it's always good to share real life interests, such as hobbies and interests. Have you always lived in Wales?

    Look forward to hearing more from you

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    Welcome to the community! i can't compete with babyjess and the welsh, I could type some may not be a complete sentence...but yeah, thats all I got. Oh, wait, my last name has origins in Wales. Hope to get to hear more from you!


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    Ironically, I recently discovered via genealogical research that my supposedly strong Irish heritage was actually predominantly Welsh (hey, a Welsh/Scotsman is just as good as an Irish/Scotsman, right? )

    Welcome aboard!

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