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Thread: Here comes the purge!

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    Default Here comes the purge!

    So, I remember replying in a recent thread that purges can happen when something significant happens in your life, and when overwhelming emotions pop up. To quote what I said,

    The best advice I can give you, is to identify what is happening. Find out what problem is keeping you from being who you want to be, and then solve that problem. Having closure is the best way to get rid of that purge.
    Oh Lawd, the irony!

    I came in contact with my birth dad last night for the first time in my life (I'm adopted), and now my wanting to be little is fading away, and I hate it. I'd like to nip this in the bud before it becomes a full blown purge with a loss of merchandise.

    Anyone got advise? Can someone please try and rejuvenate my little feelings? My paci just isn't helping right now....
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    The best thing to do is to do everything in moderation.
    If you don't overdo it during "binge," you won't have much of a purge at all. That is, the highs are equivalent to the lows, I think.

    There is also something to be said about actually coming to terms with, and being comfortable with, *B/DLism.

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    Without knowing what the problem is, all I can say is, you can't "cure" AB/DL-ism, and purging is just a waste of money. >_< If you are unable to do what you normally due to living arrangements (people having to live with you, you live with others, etc), just put everything in a big trunk with a lock and try to think of ways to do what you want in private, when no one is around.

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    There, I fixed my topic. I can see why people were getting the wrong idea :P

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    just take a break from it. You don't need to toss it all away. I go through those feelings quite often. I just take a break from it for a few days & usually with in a week (sometimes longer sometimes less) I am back. I would not worry & I would not throw it all out.

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    Yeah, just take a break. It's like, I love playing The Sims, and I'll play it 4+ hours a day for weeks, then I'm like, "Ugh, I am so over that." I don't delete it, I just don't play it. I know that's not nearly as big as what you are going through, but you get my idea.

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    I usually regret when I am on a "binge" cycle. While I don't have any clothing, I have a bunch of baby stuff. I throw it all away to find out in a few months or so that I want it all back. So I have to go buy everything all over again, which is rather costly and would rather buy something else or even some baby clothes!

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    well, if you don't mind me asking, could you tell us a little bit more about wat ur feeling? Was getting in contact with ur birth dad a positive or negative thing? If it's a positive thing and you just feel the desire of being a baby lessening, then you should keep the stuff as a comforting tool for when bad times roll around and u want nothing more than to regress.

    If it was a negative thing and u feel ashamed of being a *B/DL then that's understandable. take a little bit of time to think your whole situation of life over and basically "grieve" a bit. realize that this is a part of you and you can never just wish it away, nor will it disappear entirely. keep your stuff somewhere hidden (as was previously stated) and realize that these are your worst times of need. eventually you'll come back to your stuff as a comforting tool.

    You never realize how important something is until it's gone, but all good things in moderation!

    What is the best thing about being a *B/DL? being able to regress to a time where things were easygoing and carefree. My advice: just relax for a while. If you stress about it too much then you're gonna basically demonize the behavior by associating it with stress. Be 'normal' for a few days, weeks, or even months. then, when you feel bored or stressed ull come back to a binge. the littlest things can trigger a binge after a long and seemingly devoted purge

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    Put everything out of your mind and try to have a good time doing what you like to do for a day. Don't forget to eat food, chocolate helps too.

    This might help a bit in the short term while you try to emotionally tackle your problems in the long term.

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    I've been through a lot of the self-loathing purges, although they were short-lived and getting rid of things was at the time harder than just keeping them. I've had my interests wax and wane but only once did I have it hit me like a switch had been flipped and suddenly I felt like I wasn't an ABDL guy anymore. I count this as different from a purge as there wasn't any feeling associated with it that was telling me that it was bad to like diapers, it's simply that I couldn't believe that I had found them all that interesting (although I could certainly remember that I had).

    In the days that followed, my feelings didn't change on the subject and I gave some consideration to getting rid of my stuff. This was in the same year that I joined the precursur to this site, so I was on my own and had had my stash for a long while. In the end, I decided that there was no urgency to dispose of it and that while it currently seemed unlikely that I'd miss it, past experience indicated that I'd want it sooner or later. I wasn't even dreading the urge coming back, it just seemed comical. After about three months, my version of normal reasserted itself and I was pretty glad I hadn't acted rashly.

    My suggestion is not to push the desire one way or the other, just let it be. Leave the stash alone, though. You can always get rid of it tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. If the desire returns it isn't going to be because of your stuff.

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