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Thread: Advice on getting caught?

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    Exclamation Advice on getting caught?

    So yeah, I've been caught. I looked in my "stash" and my Bambinos were gone. Of course this comes with the panicking.

    Strangely, I feel very confident that I can face my mom. I've come up with a list of things I could say to her to back myself up:

    -What is wrong with me wearing?
    -How is this worse than drinking/smoking? (Cigarettes and pot)
    -How did this affect you when you didn't know?
    -Isn't it funny that when I started this back up, my grades got better?
    -You have your stress relievers, why can't I?
    -You have privacy, why can't I have it too?
    -This is not associated with pedo.
    -I've never done a drug in my life, nor do I drink. This is my method of letting loose.
    -Not to mention that I'm not hurting you, me, or anyone.
    -Seven people very close to me know this, and are very accepting.
    -What's wrong with being different, odd, weird?
    -Every person is different, I don't have to be like anyone else.
    -If you send me to a therapist, nothing will happen except a big chunk of your money will be missing after the bill.
    -If you send me to my dad's, I might end up like him. (A drunk)
    -If you take the car/my license away, I have no way to get to work.

    I could keep the list coming, but I don't want to bore you guys too much.

    So anyone who would like to put any advice for me to get through this, or what to say, it will be greatly appreciated.

    All I know is that I'm not stopping. I've been doing this for too long, no possible way I'm going to stop! :]


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    Dont be all defencive, your list seems like your ready for a fight but it shouldnt be a fight... just sit down and share for feelings and what ever happens happens... just make sure ur both sitting and it stays smart and civil

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    Yeah, I understand that. But I've been caught before. Nothing but screaming on her end, and crying on mine.

    My first tactic is to try to calmly explain it. Not sure how that will turn out. But thanks for the advice! :]

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    Yes mum, you're right. Mum I wish you a good night. And then leave.

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    Well, she hasn't said anything yet. But I don't have my stash! Grrr. Those Bambinos aren't cheap! :P

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    Some members on here have found it easier to explain this side of themselves in a letter. Seeing as how your mother obviously knows about this side of yourself I doubt you have anything to lose by trying to explain yourself, and you may gain your stash back (if it hasn't already been binned) or the freedom to wear and keep diapers in your room. If trying to explain to her face to face didn't work, then it is likely it won't work again and will just cause an argument. I agree with Chiharu that currently you seem to be taking an aggressive stance towards this situation, which may not help the matter. If you try and talk to your mother it is easy for her to derail the conversation if she wants to, and frustrations can arise and turn into an argument. With a letter, on the other hand, everything is there in black and white and your mother cannot derail what you are explaining to her, so long as she reads the whole letter (which she likely will, even if she stops half-way through and has to go back to it) then she will hear your entire explanation/point of view.

    I suggest you sit down with a pen & paper, or at your computer, and try and explain in writing to exactly what being a TB means to you. Explain why you like to wear diapers (although leave out anything sexual, focus on the comfort and security side of it). Explain that it has nothing to do with real children. Explain that wearing a diaper and otherwise putting yourself in the position of a baby/toddler helps you to relax. Explain that it is a side of yourself you are comfortable with, that you don't feel you can suppress, and that it isn't having a negative impact on you. If it is having a positive inpact on aspects of your life, explain that. Tell her that whilst you understand this may be hard for her to understand, you have told other people who have accepted this side of you, and you hope she can too.

    Whilst it is a good idea to tell your mom that wearing diapers isn't causing you any harm, that you are practising proper hygiene/disposal and buying your diapers with your own money etc, I wouldn't start mentioning that you could be using drugs/drinking etc. The situations are completely separate from each other, and diapers shouldn't be the reason you're staying away from those things! Explain that you like to use diapers to relax, but don't start trying to guilt-trip your mom into thinking if you didn't you'd suddenly start taking drugs/alcohol. There are plenty of people who don't wear diapers or drink/take drugs so that isn't really a valid argument. Do stress that this interests doesn't cause harm to you or anybody else, but there's no need to list other things that could cause harm if you don't do them and never have.

    Explain to your mom that this is a very private thing to you. That you don't want to start wearing a diaper around her or in public or letting your neighbours find out about your secret. Reassure her that you're not going to embarrass or worry her by going out in baby-mode or anything. But that you would like the respect and privacy to wear a diaper in your own room from time to time. Reassure her that you're not the only one into this, but I wouldn't dwell too much over the fact that there are websites etc with people who enjoy this that you frequent. If she doesn't react well to the letter it may only push her to monitor your internet access.

    Keep a calm and mature tone throughout the letter. Don't start attacking your mother for taking the diapers away - it is likely that she is very concerned and confused after finding adult diapers with baby-prints on them in her son's room. You need to help her to understand this side of you, without trying to turn it into a 'you vs me' situation. Hopefully if you explain everything clearly and calmly in a letter it will help your mother to understand and accept this. However, it is possible that it won't. It is still possible that your mother will not accept this, or that she will ban or forbid you from using diapers in her house.

    If this is the case then you are in a difficult situation (although no more difficult than it is now, by the sounds of it) and you must decide whether to try and suppress this side of yourself and go without diapers until you can move out, or to actively disobey and deceive your mother and make sure that you keep your stash even better hidden. As your mom has found your stash twice now it is probably going to be even harder to hide this from her, as she will be looking for it, unless you can try to get her to understand and accept this side of you.

    Good luck, and I hope that you are able to explain this to her so that she may accept it.
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    I thank you for the advice.
    I see what you guys mean about the "attacking" thing. I only thought about that because last time wasn't...civil. But now that she sees me as a young adult, and not a kid, maybe I can have a chance to explain this time.
    So no attacking.
    Be civil.
    Don't mention the drug/alcohol thing.
    All the other stuff. :]
    You guys are good with negotiating!
    I lost my cool a bit back there, but I gathered my self. Thanks a ton guys.

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    Years ago I had to discuss this with my mom- she had no clue this fetish existed... but she found my diapers. She either thought it was something for a side effect from drugs or I was actually having problems with wetting. I was mostly quiet and finally she said "Is it sexual?" I said yes. It's more of a comfort- but closest to a fetish.. So I just went with that.

    There wasn't really anything else to talk about, she has enough common sense to know it makes me embarrassed to talk about with her. She's pretty liberal though as a parent so I don't think it made her angry, she was just curious. Hope you have the same outcome.

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