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Thread: Sleeping with a package of diapers...anyone else do it?

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    Default Sleeping with a package of diapers...anyone else do it?

    Well sometimes I like to not only sleep wearing diapers but also sleep with the diapers themselves. What I mean is that I like to sleep with the pack of diapers. I like to sleep with my diapers on cause not only do I love it but sometimes i betwet:/ But every time I buy a new pack of diapers, I love to snuggle with it. I just love to snuggle the fluffy packaging and hug my diapers like I would a person. It makes me just so happy. When I'm snuggling with the pack, it makes me feel so comfy and secure, plus very happy. Doe this seem odd? is there anyone that can relate? Please respond.

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    I think you are in dire need of a plushie my friend....

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    I can honestly say i have never herd of doing that.
    I have never thought about that either.
    Are you an AB? it might relate to that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiharu View Post
    I think you are in dire need of a plushie my friend....
    This tbh. Get yourself a snuggly friend, lot more personality then a pack of diapers, and you don't pee in them either! .

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    Odd on what scale? If you're not taking the bag out to dinner and a movie, I think you're okay. I can't say I've ever slept with a bag of diapers but I can see something kind of nice about the unopened bag above and beyond the contents. It's nice to get the diapers out but it's also kind of unfortunate to disturb their pristine state.

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    Aww, the thought of someone doing that is kawaii desu! I have never heard of that, but still adorable to picture. He just lupps his dipees so much, there's no problem with that, as long as it contains NEW diapers...or like they said, you can consider getting yourself a teddybear...and perhaps diaper him too ^.^

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    I thought I was the only one! I have done that from time to time.

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    I must be a very sick man, because the first thing I thought involved putting a hole in the pack of diapers.

    No joke intended guys, but to answer your question, I've never thought of cuddling a pack of diapers, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by BabyRaimuneko View Post
    I have never heard of that, but still adorable to picture
    If I thought it would have some cute little gal calling me adorable I might give it a shot.

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    I think it's a symptom of your obsession. I'm an obsessive person, and have and still do sleep and snuggle up with new items. It can be a pack of diapers, iPod, or anything really. I just like to be close to what makes me happy.

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